Saturday, June 21, 2008

She's Back

My daughter's back.  If you want to read where she's been, click here:

     Five long months and she has returned to my embrace.  I cannot begin to tell you what that moment felt like for me.  We waited at the airport for what seemed like an eternity as she exited the plane and went through customs.  Every group that came through, I searched, longing to find her beautiful face.  My full undivided attention was on finding my child in the midst of a crowd full of strangers.  Suddenly, I heard a yell and she came running.

     I know the picture below is blurry, but I have to post it.  If you will look to the far right hand corner you will see her running into my embrace.  The picture just spoke too much, though blurry, it had to be here.  As she rose to the top of the escalator she began waving, and calling out to us and then she began to run...  A picture is worth a thousand words....

     For the first time in 5 months I have all my children under my roof.  Though I know it is possibly the last time for a while, I am savoring the moments.  Life seems to move in warp speed.  It seemed like just yesterday that I was starting my journey into motherhood, now they are preparing to move on, one at a time, slowly but surely.  My daughter plans to return to England and staff the YWAM base at Holmsted, hopefully in September.  It all depends on when her support is raised.  Pray for my Hannah as you read this, please.  On the horizon my 2nd oldest daughter, pictured below, will embark upon her first missions trip to Asia.  She will be gone 3 weeks, her first time flying overseas alone.   Pray for my Courtney too.  And pray for me too.  I have to let them go.

     They all belong to God, but still my heart feels it as each one moves into the things He calls them into.  While I have them close I will hug them tighter and savor the moments we have trusting Papa to prepare me for when they will go. 

      Tonight my heart and my home are full again with the loves of my life. Hug your kids a little tighter passes by in warp speed.  

     Thank you Papa for returning my girl to me. Prepare both my girls for the adventures that you are inviting them into and prepare me to live with an open hand.



Anonymous said... Reply to comment

I'm smiling through tears as I see "my" Hannah hugging "my" Jewel. Thank you, Jesus, you have blessed me so. Mom

dancingdreamer said... Reply to comment


My heart is rejoicing with you! Enjoy every moment you have with Hannah.

I pray that the Lord will pour out His great blessings and provision for Hannah's assignment in September.

Love & prayers,

Laura said... Reply to comment

Oh, Julie. I cried tears of joy for you when I saw that blurry picture of your precious daughter running to you. How beautiful. I am praying for your girls, my friend! and for you! i am finally home after a long joyous weekend! i've been in blog withdrawel, and couldn't wait to see what you have been up to! tired, though, I'll tell you all about it later!
luv to you,

Susan said... Reply to comment

Oh, tears of joy!!! What a glorious reunion.

Thanks for sharing this with us Julie.

I'm just so proud of your daugther. What a blessing she is.

Let us know how things are going♥

Tiffany Stuart said... Reply to comment

This post made me cry. What a gift to be able to embrace your sweet girl...Loved the blurry picture, that made it all the more precious.

Thanks for sharing your love and this moment. I look forward to reading more this summer.

I'm in Florida. It's HOT and HUMID. The ocean is gorgeous.

Going to write now.
Hugs to you and yours.


Merrie said... Reply to comment

What a blessing! God is so good! I love the verse that says, "it brings me no greater joy than to know my children walk in truth"... meaning, walking with Jesus in His calling.
When my children went to college half way across the US from me it was so hard. I knew that when they left the first of August, I would not see them again until Christmas and then not until summer. I cried and cried - both tears of joy that they were following the Lord and His calling, but also tears of grief that I did not have them under my roof.
I praise the lord that He allowed us to move where they are and I have them close again and they are still able to follow the callings on their lives and we are too.
God is good!

Robin @ Heart of Wisdom said... Reply to comment

What a beautiful family! I understand warp speed. I was a teen last week and now all my children are giving me grand babies. Boy was that quick.

Leti said... Reply to comment

Wow! God is good! Rejoicing with you, Julie in more ways than one. As was quoted before, we have no greater joy than to hear our children walk in the TRUTH. We are getting ready to have our daughter go off to a School of Ministry in Pennsylvania - please keep me in prayer (I know you know how to pray for me).

Thanks for the blurry picture:)


Tracy said... Reply to comment

What a beautiful post! (I only wish it had come with a tissue warning!) Since I am "newish" to your blog, I needed to go back to read where Hannah had been. You beautifully captured what it's like to begin letting our babies go. I was nodding in agreement and tears were forming in my eyes. Then, coming back to this post and those photos...well, that just did me in. What a moment! (Now I have tears spilling AND a great big frog just sitting in my throat.)

No doubt you WILL be savoring the moments with all your babies at home once again. Hannah is such an awesome young must be so incredibly proud of her. It's so very true that nothing gives us greater joy than knowing our children are walking in truth.

Rejoicing with you,
Tracy = )

mer said... Reply to comment

Oh, Julie. I'm so happy for you to have all your children at home with you...for now.

What a sweet reunion. And what a beautiful family you have.

Deidre said... Reply to comment

Oh my word, how sweet. I am so amazed how you let them find God's will for their lives. Such a great attribute as a mother.

Beth said... Reply to comment

I found your blog through Life at 7000 Feet. . .
Loved reading about your daughter, Hannah. (I just had a baby girl, and her name is Hannah Jane.)
Enjoy the time with your Hannah--what a wonderful memory captured in the picture of her running to you in the airport.

Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said... Reply to comment

Oh, you made me cry.

I am so glad your babies are all home!!

Whenever one of mine spends the night at grandma's, it just feels wrong when I go to bed. I feel like they should all be asleep in my nest.

I guess that feeling doesn't go away, huh?

Sandy said... Reply to comment

This touched my heart - as my son just returned from a mexico missions trip. Nothing like 5 months tho! :)

Cindy Swanson said... Reply to comment

Your daughters are GORGEOUS! Apparently they are that way on the inside too, which is wonderful.

My daughter has been on an extended visit with family in Texas. She's coming home July 8th, and I'm counting the days!

I also got a lump in my throat when I looked at the blurry picture...

LIFESPEAKER said... Reply to comment

Definitely enjoy each moment. The last time all my 5 were together in one place was 1991 at my mom's funeral. They are scattered all over so ENJOY and savor every moment.

Jenny said... Reply to comment

Oh my goodness, What a beautiful family you have! My oldest is almost 6, and I know it goes by lightning, but I just love the love you show and your daughters show (in runnnning to you!!). I pray for THAT kind of relationship with my girls when they grow up.

And, with all of them pursuing missions, you must have a passion for the unreached that is contagious. :) I don't know you, but this is what I gather from this post :) I'll be checking in again, for sure.

Lelia Chealey said... Reply to comment

Beautiful picture!! Your kids are just gorgeous Julie!! I love that they are rising up and calling you blessed by living their lives for the King!!!

Judy said... Reply to comment

What a beautiful daughter and a beautiful post...I couldn't help but cry tears of joy.

I remember when my son came home from the Navy for the first time after 5 months! I couldn't quit hugging him and that night I kept watch over him just to be sure he was really home.

Your posts are such an inspiration to me.