Sunday, June 15, 2008

Honey Baked Delight

A few years back my husband’s company was empty of business. As we waited on new clients, we scrimped every penny. We didn’t know when the next check would come in. Feeding five children and keeping a roof over our heads felt like an ominous task during this time. It was another opportunity to see Papa show up.

Have you ever had those moments when you remember something you ate years before with fondness? The remembrance is so strong that you can almost taste it. I hadn’t thought of the honey baked turkey since the couple brought it to us when Samuel was born, years before. But one day in the midst of the financial famine, it was fresh on my mind. So fresh I could taste it. If I could just buy one of those turkeys.....

The calculator in my brain started adding up bills. Maybe I would find some leftover change. After all we could eat it for a several days. Though the longing was calling out to me, I just couldn’t reason the twenty-five dollar expense. It was too costly. So after much deliberation, I gave up my desire. I didn’t tell anyone about it, not even God. I just let it go.

A day or two later a friend called to invite me to lunch. Would it be OK if she brought her teenage children to baby-sit mine. How fast could I say yes? After all, life had been pretty hard. Five children 10 and under, and a husband’s business failing was taking it’s toll on us all.

She showed up with her teenagers and home made cookie dough. Her children wanted to treat my kids while she treated me. As we drove down the road she mentioned that she had left dinner in the refrigerator for me. Could the day get any better?

We enjoyed a leisurely lunch where she listened to my heart allowing me to reveal my weariness. She understood. Her husband had been in medical school for years, working odd jobs, to keep their family of 6 afloat. Having the opportunity to talk to someone who understood was just what my heart needed.

Time passes too quickly in those getaway moments. Before you knew it lunch was over and we were headed back home to my reality of small children and tight finances. She gathered up her teens, gave me a final hug and headed out the door. I headed to the refrigerator to see what we were having for dinner. As I opened the door, there it stood. You know what it was, don’t you? A honey baked turkey.

I had no words, only tears. How did she know that just days before I had longed for just one piece? She didn’t know, Papa did. He lavished His love on me in a way that rocked my world. It was a moment that is still ripe in my mind, now ten years later. I savored every bite, delighting in the revelation of how intimately I was loved.

I didn’t ask Papa for a honey baked turkey. I didn’t pray an eloquent prayer. I didn’t even verbalize my desire. I just longed for it.

I didn’t have to ask. He saw, He knew....He loved. I saw God’s love in a tangible way that day. It changed me for all eternity. I am intimately and deeply loved by my Papa. He bought me a honey baked turkey.

Do you see how much He longs to love you in tangible ways?

Papa, thank you for your beautiful gift to me 10 years ago. I can still remember as though it were yesterday. Thank you that you care so deeply even for the simple things that matter to us. Thank you that you long to give us the desires of our heart. Thank you for your deep, intimate love.

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Gretchen said... Reply to comment

What a beautiful blessing, Julie. Not only were you blessed by the turkey, you were blessed by the whole day, God illustrated such a refreshment from beginning to end. Thank you for the reminder to give praise and notice to these things, which often happen in the hardest of times.


amy said... Reply to comment

That was a great example of God's love for us and the surprises he delights in giving. I had a similar gift recently with a microwave situation. I, too, try to see God working in my life through even the little things that most would pass off as just coincidences. Which there are none of, it's God's way of showing us He's there for us in a tangible way.

Leti said... Reply to comment

I am always amazed at how "personal and intimate" the LORD is with us. As of late, anytime I feel overwhelmed by the routine of life I simply look out my kitchen window - almost always, the LORD blesses me with some beautiful creature from His creation. I always smile and at time tear up at how "thoughful" my Jesus is.

Thanks for reminding me:)

Bev Brandon said... Reply to comment

I love how you said that you longed for it and he met that longing without even you having to do anything. A beautiful reminder of His lavish love. How intriguing that you would remember that taste of God ten years down the road.

Pamela (MrsJoeB) said... Reply to comment

God has shown Himself to me with His provisions this last week. Isn't it just wonderful?!?!?

You have been blessed!!

In His Graces~Pamela

Tiffany Stuart said... Reply to comment

Loved, loved this reminder of His heart towards us. How Papa sees and loves each one of us uniquely and intimately.

You made this experience come alive again. Thank you for letting his love fall afresh on us. Your readers.

So thankful you are called to write His heart. Keep on keeping on, sweet friend.

You are beautiful.


Superhero Mom said... Reply to comment

I love this story Julie! It reminds me of a homeschool read aloud I read with my 1st grader entitled "Granny Hans Breakfast" - God delightes in not only supplying for our needs, but I believe He takes joy in making it very special full of details unique as His children! Thank you also for reading my blog and commenting. Have a blessed day!

Shanda said... Reply to comment

I loved your story! Does it make you wonder how many times, when you're willing to listen and respond, that something you did for someone else provided that very same love? Thanks for sharing God's love!

Leti said... Reply to comment

thank you for visiting me and sharing your triumph - that always gives me hope, because I know Our God is the same yesterday, today and for ever. Just as He has done for your family He will do for mine. Thank you...blessings:)

Bev Brandon said... Reply to comment

As soon as I clicked off my last comment, in the next few seconds God met a longing without me doing anything---it was so neat to see it from your post. Yes, I read Paula's new one---she came here a little while ago and spoke for the weekend and it was stories from her book like the "dance story" which is really from C.S. Lewis...but her stories were amazing! Good book, good speaker. She said one quote that so stirred me---oohh...gotta run.

Debbie said... Reply to comment

Hi Julie! Thanks for stopping by earlier today. I came to check out your hair ;) I gotta say, you don't look your age. You and your hair are gorgeous! I mean that with all sincerity...I don't have time to read your posts, but I will come back for a visit...oh and your family is just beautiful!

Tracy said... Reply to comment

Hi Julie,
I realized today I hadn't stopped by in awhile and wanted to see what was new. Wow...did this bless me! I SO love when our Papa spoils us kids. I too had a moment like this a couple of months back...if you'd like to read it, here's the link:

Thanks for sharing this beautiful story.


Cindy Swanson said... Reply to comment

Hi Julie! What a lovely blog you have! Thanks for commenting on my blog and on my Internet Cafe devotion.

I've passed the 50 mark as well, and I agree that it makes you more reflective and valuing of the time you've been given.

Connie@Little Red Hearts From God said... Reply to comment

God is so like that... He knows our hearts.... and He fills our longing desires...

He so loves us... even when we think HE shouldn't...

to be

Awesome story

Love ya