My Favorite Blogs:

These are a few of my favorite blogs that I frequently visit.  For a more extensive list go to my profile page.  

My daughter, Hannah:  Walking Into Freedom:

My daughter, Courtney: Together In Him:

My niece, Reagan:  The Tidd Family:

My niece, Meghan:  The Wonderful Adventures of Us:

My in person friend Amy:  Living On the Edge:

My in person friend, Bretta:  Creativity Unleashed: 

My in person friend, Nichole:  12 Hats & a Sombrero:

My in person friend, Sharon:  Keen Inspirations:

My in person friend, Sarah:  My Shady Grove: 

My in person friend, Jenny:  Jenny Poo:

My in person friend, Robert:  Writing on the Ridge:

My in person friend, Naomi:  The Moore's

My friend, Heidi:  Moms, Ministry & More:

My friend, Sparrowgirl:  Under The Waterfall of Grace:   

My friend, Laura:  The Wellspring:

My friend, Lidj:  Crown of Glory:

My friend, Jo:  Princess Warrior Lessons:

My friend, Lana:  Life With Lana:

My friend, Tiffany:  Tea With Tiffany:

My friend Shanda:  Fellowship:

My friend Paula:  Grace Reign:

My friend Gretchen:  Jewels In My Crown, Someday:

My friend, Connie:   Little Red Hearts From God:

My friend, Meredith:  Life at 7000 Feet:

My friend, Karen:  Hallelujah Anyhow:

My friend, Vicki:  Windows to My Soul: