Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Men I Love....

One of my favorite shots of my dad   James Bond of the Lake....

     Every little girl wants to be found beautiful in the eyes of her dad.  It's in our DNA.  We bear the beauty of God, we were created in beauty, it's natural for us to want to be found beautiful.  Daddy thank you for noticing and seeing the beauty of God in and on me.

    There are 2 specific memories with my dad that stick out in my mind.  They are seared in, holding a permanent place.  One was a few years before I was married.  I lived in an apartment near my parents.  Dad stopped by to bring me something that day.  When he got there he found me in tears.  The tears increased when I saw him.  I just needed a hug.  I was so lonely.  I wanted so desperately to find my husband.  All my friends were finding theirs.  Yet no one had found ME beautiful, or desirable.  I was hurting.  Daddy took me in his arms, held me tight and told me it was going to be OK. The thing that got me was the pain I saw in his eyes.  He was hurting as he saw me hurt.  In that moment Daddy gave me a greater picture of God.  I felt loved and seen.  Not just by my earthly dad, but by my Papa.

       The other memory was from a more recent time.  My husband and I had a rough 4 years.  He had 6 jobs in 4 years all paying thousands less than our living expenses.  Some days it was overwhelming trying to keep our family of 7 in tact, fed, and taken care of.  Some days it was just more than I could bear.  One such day I felt this strong urge to call my daddy.  If he could just "hold me" over the phone, and bear my weight with me....  So I called him.  He heard me crying and asked me what was going on.  I told him and asked him if he would just pray for me.  He immediately began to pray.  His voice soothed me and reminded me that not only did he care, but I had a Papa who cared.

       I am thankful for my daddy today.  Daddy, I honor you.  My heart has always been yours.
Happy Father's Day!
I love you,

Now to the other man I love:
One of my favorite shots of my man........Valiant Warrior for his family

      My dear David,  you have "fathered" your children well.  I love this picture of you  because it is a typical activity.  You are a valiant warrior for your family.  You lost your dad at 13 and did not have the earthly fathering that a boy needs.  I love that Papa came after you and allowed you to find Him as your true Father.  You have not given up when life threw it's punches at you.  You have continued to follow hard after your Papa.  You have sought to be a father to your children when you could have remained lost.  You have never given up.
      I love the way you father our children.  I love that you are present and involved.  I love that your family is prominent in your life.  I love that you love us more than anything else on earth. I love that you will lay down your life and comfort to meet the needs of those that belong to you. I love how you take one of our children out on a weekly date to let them know how much they matter to you.  I love that you make us all laugh.  I love that you fight for our hearts.  I love that you are attentive to the hearts of your children and that you affirm them often.
      What I love the most about you as a father is that you bring the heart of God to our children. You talk to our kids about how dearly they are loved and how deeply they are seen.

       All the years I waited for you are worth it.  You are the man I always dreamed of.  I love you, my heart has always and will always be yours....
Happy Father's Day


rescuer said... Reply to comment

Wow, what a great post. I hope every man who is out
there treasure hunting, makes a discovery like mine.
A Jewel of incalculable worth. Your words are like honey to my soul, aged wine bringing joy to my heart.
Being with you is sitting at the banqueting table of my
hearts delight. A feast for my eyes and my inner man.
I am blessed.
I love you,

mel said... Reply to comment

Great blog -- sweet family! My folks live in Hiawassee, and I went to college in Dahlonega. We're down near Newnan. I was in Chattanooga in January for a Precept leader retreat -- awesome!
God bless you and yours,

another mama to five in GA.

Amy B said... Reply to comment

Your dad totally has the James Bond thing going on! he he

Happy Father's Day to all the great men in your life!

lori said... Reply to comment

I'm in tears....
That was just soooo beautiful! What blessings we have girl.....

Oh, and I just read what HE wrote over on the side...ohhhh,now I'm really crying..that was simply beautiful...those could be the beginning of renewing vows...oh my...

You are obviously happy and in love and what a testimony that is in this world!!

Those men...where would we be without them!?


Amanda said... Reply to comment

I love my men too. Thanks for sharing. I wanted to email you but I'm a newbie. Here is what I would of sent, it's my hubby siging this sunday at EAC. Hes doing the song Empty me and thats my boy in the back ground.
Thought you would enjoy.

Gretchen said... Reply to comment

This is beautiful, Julie. So poignant, the memories of your father with you. So lovely, the memories of your hubby with your kids. What a rich tribute to them and to our Holy Father.


P.S. Is nothing sexier than a good dad? I think not. ;)

Becoming Me said... Reply to comment

What a precious post!

Lelia Chealey said... Reply to comment

This was beautiful. I teared up when you said your Dad started praying immediately!
The picture of your husband looks like he's praying over your daughter. I loved what you said here about your husband:
"you bring the heart of God to our children"

Bring the heart of God to our children....AWESOME! That's what all parents should be doing!

dancingdreamer said... Reply to comment


What a joy it is to read about the godly men in your life! You are truly a blessed woman! I know your heart is rejoicing over the gifts God has given you.

Love you,

Tiffany Stuart said... Reply to comment

This is beautiful, Julie. I loved reading how precious your dad and husband are.

Is rescuer your husband? What loving words!

Thanks for letting us into the glimpse of your love for two men in your life. You are blessed and beautiful.