Friday, September 25, 2009

I stand amazed

In 8 days life as I have known it will change for good. My 2nd born daughter will be leave my home. She will become a wife to a wonderful young man chosen perfectly for her. Sorrow and joy mingle together in my heart. It's been a year of change, a time of saying "goodbye's"

My daughter got engaged 3 days before my father met Jesus face to face. Five months later my oldest daughter moved across country. In 8 days my 2nd "chick" will leave the nest.

Much has changed in these last few months. My mind tries to wrap around it all sometimes. Sadness mixed with rejoicing has been the journey. Jesus has been found there waiting in the midst. He has wrapped me up in His embrace until the pain subsided. He continues to enfold me as I watch my children leave my home one by one. A new day dawns. I wait in expectation knowing that Jesus will find me and pull me tight in His embrace as He & I together embark on a different trail. My days of mothering as I've known with these two will move to a different place.

It wasn't long ago that I wondered how in the world we would pay for a wedding on such a shoestring budget. I stand amazed at how lavishly Papa God has met each need.

My favorite story is of the wedding dress.

One Sunday in April, we went wedding dress shopping. I asked David, "what do I do if she finds a dress?" He said, "buy it and we'll figure it all out later." She found the wedding dress of her dreams. It was on sale at a very good price, yet I wondered how it would all work out. I've never been one who's been good at hiding what's going on inside me. As I made the purchase I hoped my concerns wouldn't show on my face.

My husband works for the telephone company here in town. Due to the economy, overtime has been eradicated. It's seldom that anyone gets any. But on this particular week, following our dress shopping, David happened to be on call, which meant he would get a little overtime. It would not be near enough to pay for the dress but maybe it would help.

At the end of the week a storm front came through these Georgia mountains, leaving people with all types of telephone, cable, internet problems. David was called in. He worked over 20 hours of overtime. The amount needed to pay for the dress was in the next paycheck. I stood amazed. It was as if Papa God was saying to me, "Rest Jewel, I've got you covered." He painted a picture of HIs heart, allowing me to see that His provision can be found even in the storm.

It's been that way all along. One thing after another has been covered. I stand amazed.

In the midst, I have been changed, yet even more. For once again, I have seen the hand of God in it's brilliance. He has come to reveal deeper truths in the midst of my inner struggles. As I have watched Him cover each detail of my life I am reminded, He holds me in His hands. All the while a deeper rest has come for my soul.

His beauty permeates my being as I find Him each detail of life. I'm finding in the deepest places of my soul that He has each and every facet of my life covered. The snapshots of His heart before me are more stunning than sometimes my mind can conceive.

We started out on a shoestring budget, we are ending with the wealth of a deeper knowing of the extravagant heart of a Father who loves.

I stand amazed!
Kevin & Courtney - October 3, 2009

©copyrighted: 2009 Julie L. Todd


Anonymous said... Reply to comment

They are so beautiful together! I love the story of the dress! I have seen God work things out for my hubby and I, so I can relate to that story Big Time!

Congratulations to the beautiful couple & To You!

Karen said... Reply to comment

What a wonderful testimony of God's love and provision! The picture is precious and I hope you plan to share some of the wedding pictures...this new season of your life will bring new blessings and wonders from your you!

Aine Willis said... Reply to comment

I love the dress miracle! God Bless their marriage!

LisaShaw said... Reply to comment

Abba Father is so amazing isn't He?!! Amen!

Beautiful photo and I pray years of JESUS' love and joy for them both.

I pray peace over you as you embrace the LORD during this new and incredible season of life. Bitter-sweet to let them go on into their own lives. I've done it with one and I have the last one who will walk through the door into her life of College in less than 2 yrs.

Look forward to more of the journey as you share with us. Happy Wedding to them.

Daveda said... Reply to comment

He is continually teaching us to sink in and trust Him more. I love it!

This may be the end of mothering as you know it, but it is the beginning of something else that holds wonders of its own just waiting to be discovered.

Leti said... Reply to comment

I love it Julie! It reminds me of Phil. 4:19 - Hallelujah to Our Abba Father!

Shanda said... Reply to comment

What an amazing story of provision. I am so in that place, learning to allow God to provide in areas I would normally try to do for myself. Your Hannah is beautiful and I will be praying for you all this week!

God bless you beyond measure!

love you!


Miss G said... Reply to comment

Oh I love it! They are getting married one day before our one year anniversary! Have a very blessed week! What a special time! Kelly

Tracy said... Reply to comment

Powerful testimony my friend! Our God is truly amazing. I love the way you've shared what He has done for your family -- how beautifully he has met your needs. I also hear your heart about the joy and sorrow that surround this time. I feel it too, and I'm trying (with God's help) to accept it with more joy than sadness.

They are a beautiful couple! Congratulations to all of you. We're just a couple of weeks behind you (10/17). I'll be keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers this coming week. No doubt it will be a busy one!


Amy said... Reply to comment


I'm doing the "HAPPY DANCE" right now!! Sing praises to the Father for the wondrous things He does for His children!

Thanks for sharing the picture of the beautiful wedding couple and for sharing how God is rocking your world with His GOODNESS!

Love you!

Carmen said... Reply to comment

He's a good Daddy, isn't He? Cute photo of your daughter and her fiancee! You must be so stoked!

Kathy S. said... Reply to comment

OH Julie!! It's so exciting! I can't wait to see your wedding. I love looking at wedding pics now more than ever!! Beautiful Couple. I have so many "God stories" throught the process of our wedding plans too. I must bet back in writing mode and record some of them!!

Blessings on you in the days ahead! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gretchen said... Reply to comment

You've done such a good job, Jewelz. God has provided, but you've let Him. Opened the door for His grace. Allowed Him to rule in your life. It's a hard journey--one that your children have witnessed firsthand, though. What a model for their faith in you and your husband. Many blessings upon your daughter and her fiance.

Laura said... Reply to comment

Jewel-Z! I am thinking of you and praying God rains down blessings tomorrow. What a precious, precious day. My heart is with you.

Sending love,

Faith Imagined said... Reply to comment

The wedding dress miracle brought tears to my eyes. What God will do for His children! Amen! And your daughter is beautiful!

Rilda Peel said... Reply to comment

I say "I didn't know that I didn't know till I found out what it was that I didn't know." To trust Father God beyond my thinking truly is an amazing life walking on holy ground. In the mist of the one who owns it all and cheerfully shares and cares. The empty nest is what we all experience one day who have children and I was for months Praising God that I could have a change in my life and our son was on a mission also. We all found our way in the unknown zone. It just gets better and better and they do too. A circle of love without end. Lovingly, rilda

christa said... Reply to comment

A precious couple and a story of God's grace! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog.

I've enjoyed your posts!

Crown of Beauty said... Reply to comment

I wanted to read your post entitled Wedding Day, but it doesn't show up on my pc. So I'm commenting on this post instead.

Been away for a while, and so much has happened to both our lives since I last visited.

Thank you for your testimonies.

And yes, we can thank God for the storms. In God's economy, He always has a good purpose for them.

I share your joy, and your mixed feelings as your daughter walks down the aisle. I am sure she is radiant, a reminder to you that we too are the bride of Christ in the process of being made beautiful.


Crown of Beauty said... Reply to comment

P.S. Your husband David's faith telling you to buy the wedding dress of your daughter's choice moved me to tears. He truly reflected the generosity of the Father's heart! Please tell him so. I thank God for him, he's the unsung hero in all these! He just knew it was all going to work out for good.

Tea With Tiffany said... Reply to comment

Beautiful. I knew our God would not fail you. I love the wedding dress story. Your heart is changing and I see more beauty. You're a gift, my friend. Continue to write what He reveals to you. I'm loving it!