Saturday, September 19, 2009

Let Me Tell You the Truth

“You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” It’s one of the most profound statements in the Word of God. I’ve come to discover it’s the key to unlocking the image of God etched on my life.

The more truth that comes, the more I realize how captive I have been. I am not who I thought I was. Much is being peeled away. With each layer uncovered, the beauty of God is manifested. He knows who I am. He’s letting me see too.

I’ve lived a bipolar lifestyle, spiritually speaking. I’ve lived in two extremities. We all do it. In fact, there’s only one who didn’t, Jesus.

One minute I live in the Spirit, the next I fall back into the flesh. One minute I live in the new identity, the next I’m back listening to the old man. It’s easy to run between the two worlds. After all I’ve lived most of my life reacting to the world around me. I became who my world told me I was.

I looked to other things for my identity. I didn’t look to the one who is truth. I’m learning what that looks like. The more I go, the more truth I find, the more release is realized.

What if my reality was, He was the only one I looked to? What if I took what I felt and asked God what He thought? What if I stopped trying to figure out my life and asked Him? What if I fought for weakness instead of strength, knowing that in my weakness He would be strong?

Christ was the strongest man who lived on this earth, yet He lived a life of weakness. He was totally and utterly dependent. He never looked to Himself. He never took care of things on His own. He didn’t react to His surroundings and what others said. He had only one place He went, to the one who is Truth.

My flesh is dead. Who I was no longer lives. Christ now lives in me. It’s now Him in me. A clean, slate, a fresh new start is my reality, whether realized or not.

Here is my actuality. If I am managing my world on my own, I am not living in who I am. For if I rely on my strength I do not live in His.

Unless I look to the Father I will not live in who I am. It’s that simple.

If I manage and control my life it will only hinder my revealing. When I rely on my strength, God in His totality becomes unrealized.

Many of us live unaware of who we really are. For if we did, we would know we are the objects of His deep affection. We would love ourselves. We would display freedom and life. Christ in us would not make a move without Him. It is He in us who reveals the truest things about us.

The truth sets free. I know, I’ve seen.

What if our lives truly did follow what Jesus knew. What if we tapped into Him in us. What if we saw what He saw, loved as He loved. What if we laid down the mantel of carrying our lives in totality and ran to Him in our weakness. What if we ceased our efforts, to save & protect ourselves, and rested in His? What if His strength could be realized in us as it is in Him. What if our old lives were completely exchanged for His?

It is the invitation of the gospel.

God knows exactly who we are. He knows the path that will reveal our lost identity. His invitation is there waiting every moment of every day. “Let me tell you the truth. It will set you free.”

©copyrighted: 2009 Julie L. Todd


Gail W. said... Reply to comment

Wonderful post, Julie! "What if I fought for weakness instead of strength?" That's food for thought I'll be chewing on a few days. God bless you, friend.

Marsha said... Reply to comment

Lies. So many lies we women believe about ourselves. Lies that continue to hold us in bondage even after our Redeemer has set us free.

We can't believe that He loves us, that He is good. After all, look at our past, or how we were raised. We can't believe He's enough and can be trusted, or that His grace is sufficient. We drag our past around like its a dead body we must carry for penance. So many lies.

Praise God for women like you who continually use their giftedness to point to the One who sets us free and the truths of His word we can claim to abolish the lies.

You are loved.

Anonymous said... Reply to comment

2 1/2 years ago I learned that living my way only created chaos. I gave everything over to God and now I can honestly say I know what true joy and peace feel like.

Excellent Post :)

Amy said... Reply to comment

Amen and amen!! This is one of your best articles, Julie!

Our pastor just preached about this same thing.

God is on the move...He is setting His beloved children free!

Cindy said... Reply to comment

I've been away for awhile.

Praying all is well.

Here is my new blog address:

Blessings, Cindy

Karen said... Reply to comment

Amen! This post made me think of an old hymn from my childhood...He Set Me Free...loved what you wrote...
"God knows exactly who we are. "...Beautiful!!

Kimberly said... Reply to comment

I always love what you write, Julie. I love the questions you ask...questions that make me stop and really think.

Wanting to live in the truth,
K :)

Laura said... Reply to comment

This is so true, Jewel-Z! He knows us better than we know ourselves. I don't trust my own heart...I only trust in His truth.

I'm thinking of you, sweet friend!

LisaShaw said... Reply to comment

Thank you for sharing this TRUTH.

Love and blessings dear sister.

Shanda said... Reply to comment

Acting a little, okay a lot, fleshy today... why is it so hard to stay in the reality that I am His and He lives in me???

A clean slate.

Thank you, Jesus, for a clean slate.

Kimberly Dawn Rempel said... Reply to comment

Wow. The power of abiding in him. I look forward to a day when those moments of complete dependance on Christ are more frequent and closer together. Thanks for admitting you're in the same boat :)

Sarah said... Reply to comment

julie--i love this will stick with me...bipolar lifestyle spiritually speaking...
that is PERFECT!!! so well put. love you

Tea With Tiffany said... Reply to comment

Truth does set free. It allows me to lay down all that hinders and run to Jesus.

I see you could write a book on this topic. You already are. Your passion for Papa's love and His love for you is all over your blog. I appreciate truth always. It heals.

I love you, Jewel.