Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Bride Has Made Herself Ready

It was the most perfect of days..........

As she turned the corner and walked toward him, his eyes beheld her beauty. No matter how hard he tried he could not contain his emotions. The tears began to fall. I will never forget it. The sheer sight of his bride allowed the love that filled his heart to spill out onto his face.

The look in his eyes said it all. “I’ve waited all my life for you.” It was a moment frozen in time. The groom saw his bride in all her splendor for the first time.

His face was a picture that spoke a thousand words. Finally the one he had longed for would become his. The wait was over.

Jesus seared the image of my son-in-law in my mind as He spoke to me. “One day that will be Me.”

There is one who waits at the end of the aisle for me. He’s counting down the days until we can be together. He is and will always be captivated with me. The fact is, I take His breath away. I am the bride He has been waiting for. So are you.

One day He will come. One day we will be together.

Let us rejoice and be glad and give him glory! For the wedding of the Lamb has come, and his bride has made herself ready. Revelations 19: 7.

Glimpses of the Day:


Crown of Beauty said... Reply to comment

Now this post made me cry. I had read earlier today your daughter Countney's blog and her account of how she first met her husband. Lovely love story...

Such purity, such tenderness.

They deserve each other. Dearest dear Julie, you have raised your daughters well.

I admire you. I rejoice with you. I am happy for you and your husband and Courtney...

Yes, someday, it will be out turn.


Anonymous said... Reply to comment

This was so very beautiful! Congratulations to the new wedded couple!!

Aine Willis said... Reply to comment

This was beautiful! God bless them with many happy years!

Laura said... Reply to comment

Beautiful! I couldn't see the video/slideshow for some reason...will check back later, as I am eager to see those glimpses of the day!

Love you, mother-in-law!

Laura said... Reply to comment

Beautiful, Julie! I could see them fine now! How creative you were and how lovely it turned out. I especially loved the flowers. How enchanting! YOur girl Lydia is gorgeous.



Crown of Beauty said... Reply to comment

I forgot to tell you... the pictures were lovely!

Everyone was glowing.

I know how much you put into this, so behind the scenes, maybe you have been tired... but I want to tell you you look lovely.

Of course, Courtney was the prettiest of them all. It's her day.

But David was glowing too!

I love your family!


Daveda said... Reply to comment

Hi Julie. Weddings are so beautiful!

I just finished reading Bo's Cafe...IT WAS AWESOME! I am looking for a new read, I think I am going to order Truefaced, by the authors of Bo's cafe.

Let me know how your book is and I will let you know how mine is :)

Congratulation, on the wedding Bliss!!

Miss G said... Reply to comment

Julie, I am sooo happy that it all turned out so wonderfully! What a wonderful picture that was captured of your son-in-law. What a precious promise from our sweet Savior that was inscribed on your heart and you have shared with us.

The pictures from the wedding are wonderful. Everything looked terrific. You looked stunning! I love the purple dress!!

Thanks for your comment on my blog and your congratulations! We are very happy and feel extremely blessed! Kelly

Amy said... Reply to comment

What a beautiful metaphor portraying Christ and His bride.

The wedding was truly one of the most touching services I have ever attended. Courtney was a beautiful bride and you were a gorgeous mother of the bride!

I was so blessed to be a part of the day!

Love you,

Joyful said... Reply to comment

Speechless. One of my most favourite posts ever. The visual portrayed has gripped me. Powerful.

The pictures are beautiful.


Leti said... Reply to comment

Dear Julie, I thank God for this age of technology. Because of it I was a part of your beautiful daughter's wedding. As we followed your prayer requests and got to hear about the answers, it was amazing. And now this...this is precisely what I think of when I'm a part of a wedding. I can't wait for the day when I will walk to My Jesus clothe in His Righteousness and feel His embrace. Takes my breath away.

Also, thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog. We have been praying for your friend.


Anonymous said... Reply to comment

Julie, one of our scholarship winners to the bloggers retreat has had to cancel at the last minute. We're offering this to you. If you want to come, you can ride down with me next Thursday. Email me:

Ginger said... Reply to comment

The.Most.Precious.Thing. Thanks for sharing this tender image with us.

I enjoyed meeting you "for real" the other day at CVS!


Sheila (bookjourney) said... Reply to comment

This is a great post! What a wonderful picture. You worded this beautifully. This should go in a scrapbook for them as a memory.

Sarah said... Reply to comment

love beautiful. I just finished Redeeming Love. on a wedding theme :-)

Anonymous said... Reply to comment

What a beautiful story. What a moving shot! And what a lovely setting for a wedding!

Andrea said... Reply to comment

Oh, so beautiful! You write with passion, love, and faith.

And as Lidj, said, with purity and tenderness.

Your testimony at once brought love, appreciation, and conviction to me.

May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you.

In His Name,


Tea With Tiffany said... Reply to comment

Beautiful picture of our Bridegroom. I can't wait until the day we meet face to face. I know I will cry to see His tears of love!

Loved this post. As I do all of them.

Joanne@ Blessed... said... Reply to comment


LOVED this post. You are one of my Blogs of the it out.


Paula said... Reply to comment

I missed this post last time I was here. Oh my! How amazing and wonderful. Glad I took the time to read older posts today.

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I think (hope) I'm slowly returning to the writing stuff I loved. A few more blog posts is part of that. Last year was hard with Jerry's heart stuff and the kids extra needs, but I'm starting to breathe again.

Always love to connect with you!

Beautiful Grace said... Reply to comment

The picture of your son-in-law crying is beautiful. It made me cry! Thanks for sharing this post.

Melanie said... Reply to comment

Loved this post on the bridegroom!
Beautiful family you have.

Lydia said... Reply to comment

Momma, Like I said in my journal entry.... my day will come :) and it will be the best day! I loved Courtney's wedding it was gorgeous and the whole time during the wedding God kept saying

Beautiful Lydia,
Your day will come, when you will be joined in unity with the man you love... the man I made for you! The perfect one for you!

I couldn't imagine Court with anyone else!