Thursday, July 24, 2008

Please pray for my girls

UPDATE:  I wanted to tell you about my other daughter's plans.  She too is planning a missions trip overseas.  She leaves Sept. 1st for 3 weeks.  She is going to Asia to help some friends of ours in their small church plant.   Though she does not have a blog where you can read the support letter she sent out, would you please pray for her when you read this.  Please pray for God's provision and safety to cover her.  It will be her first flight and a 14 hour one at that with a layover.  Thank you for praying for my Courtney.

My daughter Hannah has heard God's call to missions and plans on returning to staff the YWAM base in England for the next 1-2 years. For those who don't know, she just returned from attending the Discipleship Training School (DTS) there. You can read about it here: As a staff member she will help train up and disciple young adults who come to attend the school. She will also be involved in taking them on outreach trips to other countries.

She is in the process of sending out letters to raise the $500 monthly support needed. They would like to have her there in September as they need her to staff the team coming in. Time is short. But Papa God knows....

If you don't know much about YWAM DTS, you can read about it on her blog:
Abandoned For Him Please pray for Papa God's encouragement to shower down on her as she waits for His provision to come. Also if you feel so led, stop by her blog and encourage her.

As you can see both of my girls will be leaving one right after the other.  I will be back around that time to ask for your prayers for me.  It's going to be an emotional thing to put both of my girls on flights overseas within days of each other.  Thank you for your love and prayers!  They are felt.


Christine said... Reply to comment

Hi Julie! It sounds like a wonderful opportunity for your daughter. I will lift up a prayer for her! Thanks for your comments on my blog and at the cafe. I appreciate your encouragement especially with the screaming thing. Sometimes it's haard to figure them out, but they sure are blessings, aren't they?

Gretchen said... Reply to comment

praying for your sweet girl, Julie. I'll stop by and give her some love now. :)

dancingdreamer said... Reply to comment


I'll be praying for Hannah. I left some encouraging words for her.

I'm so excited to watch how the Lord will provide everything Hannah needs!

Love you,

Leah said... Reply to comment

How awesome that your daughter is following the leading of the Lord. I will certainly pray for her!! Have a blessed weekend!!


Tracy said... Reply to comment

I will definitely pray for your precious Hannah. I'll stop over to see her and leaving some encouraging words, too.


Kimberly said... Reply to comment

Hi, Julie!
Thank you so much for your sweet comment! God is so faithful. He is so good all of the time!

And so I know He will provide all that your sweet girl needs, all to His glory! I will be praying for her. I know your mother's heart must be about to burst seeing your daughter following hard after her Father!

Blessings, sweet friend!

Laura said... Reply to comment

What an amazing opportunity for Hannah! I am so humbled by the faith of young ones like her who go so far away to honor them! I too will pray for her as she starts another leg of this journey!
Love to you, my friend!

Tiffany Stuart said... Reply to comment

Will be praying for your precious daughter. God has a plan. We get to watch it unfold and see his beauty.

I'll visit her blog.

Marsha said... Reply to comment

How wonderful! I will be praying for her...and for you. I know what it's like to send them to the mission field so far away.

Tracy said... Reply to comment

Well, I must say you don't LOOK like someone who's been out of high school 33 years! (You look younger than me and many of my classmates!)

And as for the name (Echo)...I have NO clue where my Mom came up with that one. Interestingly, when I was a little girl, I wanted so much for my name to be Holly or JULIE! ; ) I always chose the name Julie when playing with my friends, and named countless Barbies and other dolls by that name, too. (Still love it!)= )


Bev Brandon said... Reply to comment

Love your header. Just spent some time reading through your blog catching up on what your good God is always doing in you and through you. Love the header verse and the verse before it is the picture I have of you anyway---take My Hand and I will keep you and make you LIGHT...and you are light to your precious family and world. And I slip to my knees after I stop typing and pray for your sweet girl Deut 32:1-3 may her teaching fall like rain on those who hear.

darnelle said... Reply to comment

Hi Julie!
Gosh, my heart is so full after reading about your daughter. Honestly, the older I get (and the older my children get) I realize how incredible a gift it is to watch them choose God. To see them make a choice to seek Him and His will for their lives instead of a thousand other things. They could so very easily walk in any other direction, but to know that they've chosen HIM! So incredible! (and an answer to many, many, many Julie prayers I'm sure)
I have written her name on my daily prayer cards to remember to lift her up everyday. I'll be praying for you too Dear!
Hugs to you,

amy said... Reply to comment

Julie, I will be praying for you and for her. God is doing something special in her life and I know you are proud of her. Blessings to you.

Alene said... Reply to comment

Thank you for stopping by - incredible we have so much in common! My husband flew helicopters - I wonder if we were ever stationed close by. It was a treat for me to pop in today on your blog - my son feels called to ministry as well. May we pour on the prayers as moms and be so thankful God has raised a new generation of leaders! You're a blessing.

lori said... Reply to comment

Wow....what a girl God's got in her...I'll keep her in my prayers and her momma too!;)

I'll go and say hello too!!, you've done good!:)
I pray that I raise mine to follow the Lord like this too...

peace Julie!

Laura said... Reply to comment

My friend,
I will be praying for Courtney and Hannah. What an amazing testament to you and your husband's parenting; your girls are intent on serving the Lord with their lives. You are truly a special lady!!

Tracy said... Reply to comment

Adding your girl, Courtney to my prayers, as well! What a blessing!

Kristen Schiffman said... Reply to comment

Thank you for the comments you left on my blog last week. I've been on vacation and am just catching up with emails.

Your family is downright gorgeous!

I will be back to visit with this blog again..and again. : )

Connie@Little Red Hearts From God said... Reply to comment

I will be praying...

Keep me posted....

love ya