Thursday, July 17, 2008

I have to share this post with you

My heart is full to overflowing as I read this blog:  Abandoned for Him.
This is my daughter.

She sees what I could not see at her age, or for most of my life.  She's sees His heart.

Do me a favor and go show my girl some the process see His heart in her words.

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in truth  3 John 1:4



Hannah said... Reply to comment

Thanks Mom! Glad you liked it! Love you!

Becoming Me said... Reply to comment

That was profound. What a sweet daughter you have...To God be all the Glory and that includes for giving her to a wonderful mother

Laura said... Reply to comment

I'm heading over to see Hannah! How fun to share this passion with her now!
I think of you often, friend! Life has been busy lately, and I'm a little out of it, but I still pray for you.
You are a blessing to me.

amy said... Reply to comment

Julie, I will check it out. It is such a blessing that our kids have a sensitive spirit toward the things of God. I posted about my eldest boy on my blog on Wed. Your blog has been a blessing to me. Just wanted you to know. Blessings to you.

~j~ said... Reply to comment

Precious Mom!
You have every joy to be proud of your sweet daughter. No greater moment in life than realizing our kids walks with the Lord are their own and they excel beyond your expectations for that beautiful understanding of HIS love.
Rejoicing with you Julie!
xxoo j

Peggy said... Reply to comment

Julie...I thought I had been here was for the Blog Mission Tour! But today...I spent much time visiting Hannah's and reading her heart for God...cause as and when I can I help at the YWAM base here in Mexico-Mazatlan this is my heart! I was very honored by your heart for your daughter and praying for her and her support!

I'm all choked up over this(and a bit envious, Lord forgive me)but awesomely blessed by this beyond words. I will live vicariously. I enjoy seeing this and my mind and emotions are not clear today so I can't think well, but the Word says
(usually I'd know where) "...that her children will rise up and called her blessed"...Proverbs?
Let me tell you with complete JOY
this is much better than being called blessed...this is being blessed and sharing the love of the Lord like this is priceless! May the Lord honor and fulfill her support in answer to prayer so she can be about her calling!!! HUGS!!!

I forgot...I came to congratulate you on the Arte y Pico Award!

Tracy said... Reply to comment

I'm rejoicing with you over the precious heart of your girl! Stopped by her blog earlier today and read her! How I too wish I had that kind of passion for the Lord at her age! My 19- year-old son is also following hard after God. It thrills my heart like nothing else! (We're so blessed!)

Happy weekend, Julie!

Trish (wheresthebox) said... Reply to comment

You have a wonderful daughter and how great to be so focused on just enjoying His presence!

Gretchen said... Reply to comment

I hope my kids get it the same way that Hannah does. I think they will, but it's a rough world out there. Thank you for being such a wonderful example to me, Julie. xxxooogretchen

dancingdreamer said... Reply to comment


I read Hannah's post, "Obligation or Relationship." She most definitely has wisdom beyond her years. It's an awesome thing to watch a young woman fall head over heels in love with Christ!

You are a wonderful mother and you are an amazing example to Hannah. She has learned by watching you... to let Christ be the LOVE of her life.


Missy @ It's Almost Naptime said... Reply to comment

Wow - how awesome. I hope & pray my baby girls turn out like your's!!

The Small Scribbler said... Reply to comment

I am here via a comment that you left on Fruit In Season. I was struck by your wisdom and now I am astounded by the wisdom of your daughter as well.

I am hot on your heels, with five kids of my own, younger than yours, but living the same life and glad to find another mentor.