Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Diving in Deep

  It’s always been a delight to watch my children enjoying the thrill of the ocean.  I remember the days when my second born was a toddler.  She loved going up to the edge of the water and feeling the waves wash over her toes.  With a shrill of glee and a look of delight she experienced the beginning of the depths of the deep blue sea.

     As years went by she would branch a little further out, gradually working her way up to her knees.  Even though the pull of the wave’s current would knock her down, she would jump back up to encounter the exhilaration of the waves rushing over her once again.

      Each year’s return visit took her a little further into the pleasure of the ocean. Gradually she found her way on boogie boards and riding the waves.  Last year as a 17 year old she ditched the boogie board and body surfed.  The more she felt the amusement of the open waters, the greater the call to go in deeper.

    Do you know that the deepest parts of the ocean have never been explored.  The reason why is the cost is too great to go there.  There are treasures hidden in the darkness of the depths that no one ever discovers because of cost.

      It’s amazing to me how much life in the physical and spiritual correlate. The ocean of God’s vast love invites us into the depths where treasures are stored, yet often we don’t go there.  The cost seems too great.

      It’s easy to be comfortable with body surfing or even snorkeling. There is a thrill associated with seeing exotic things there, but it’s nothing near to what a scuba diver sees.

     I remember the time my husband and friend went scuba diving.  A giant sea turtle swam past at just the right time.  My husband grabbed hold and went for a ride.  You can’t find that snorkeling.  Those pleasures are waiting in the deep.  Turtle rides are treasures stored in the secret places of the ocean’s depth.

     God has beckoned me into the deep waters with Him.  At first I feared  going.  What would it look like?  What would it cost me?  It’s a risk to go deep sea diving with God.  After all we don’t really know what we will encounter.  Why is it we so often look at the cost of something, when God always looks at the gain?  Why do we hold onto our places of comfort when God invites us to move into the secret places where treasures are stored?

      Just as the ocean’s lure beckoned my daughter to come further in, He invites me to come into the depths of His great love. It’s there He whispers His secrets into my heart.  He wants to tell me who He really is and what He thinks of me.   Yes, it will mean I leave  comfort behind.  There are things that will have to be discarded in order to swim deep.  But honestly, is there really any comfort in those things?  Isn’t the real comfort realized in coming to know Him deeply?  What I am leaving behind will not compare to what will be uncovered.  He desperately wants us to know Him, intimately, deeply, by name.  In Him I will find all the comfort I need.

   So, what do you say, will you dive in deep and let Him show you the treasures stored there?  Can you allow Him to have your comforts and find your comfort in Him alone?  You will never be the same.   Oh the depths and riches of His great love, who can fathom.

    I will give you the treasures of darkness, riches stored in secret places, so that you may know that I am the LORD, the God of Israel, who summons you by name.  Is. 45:3


©copyrighted 2008 by Julie L. Todd


Tiffany Stuart said... Reply to comment

Precious truth! I'm diving in. This added beauifully to my thoughts on the ocean this week.

I wrote about the call to the deep a few months ago too, on my shame blog.

We are tracking together, sister. I see life through similar eyes. So grateful for your heart and our friendship.


PS I'm at the library checking my mail. My laptop power cord died today. I need to order a new one at the cost of $70 plus shipping. Crazy. But thankful it didn't happen last week with my deadlines. Not sure when I'll be back, later this week I'm hoping.

Laura said... Reply to comment

So beautifully written, Julie! I love the images you create...the depth of God's love...such treasure! It can be scary though, to dive in and let go of everything that is known, everything safe and secure. I wonder what the spiritual equivalent of a giant turtle ride is? I want that!!
Luv to you,

Kathy S. said... Reply to comment

HI. I hopped over from Tiffany's blog. Amazing the similarities of what the Lord gave you. What a great analogy too.

Truly in God we have opportunity for adventure!

This post reminds me of Jer. 33:3 Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.

dancingdreamer said... Reply to comment


You have an amazing gift for sharing God's goodness through word pictures. This is a beautiful analogy!

It made me think of the lyics in Steven Curtis Chapman's song, Dive... I'm diving in, I'm going deep in over my head...not turning back.

No more body surfing for me!!

Thanks, Julie!

Love you,

breaths of the heart said... Reply to comment

Such amazing truth in your words, oh how they speak to my heart! I do feel God calling, beckoning me do go deeper with Him! My desire increases with each morning that I sit spending time with Him. My trouble occurs when the enemy sends jelly fish to sting and pull me back. I am fighting through with prayer and hope that He too is fighting for me!

screamofcontinuousness said... Reply to comment

Beautiful analogy.

Becoming Me said... Reply to comment

Wonderful and I am diving and sometimes I foolishly get scared, but He is so good and takes such good care of us.

Michelle Bentham said... Reply to comment


My soul is stirred tonight as I read your words written from the depths of a heart who longs to know every inch of God... if that is possible.

Thank you for sharing such a moving and thought provoking post.


Melinda said... Reply to comment

I loved this. How precious is our God to store treasure in places that we can't see from the surface, and then give us the courage and desire to dive past that surface to the unknown and find it.

Simply awesome.


Bretta said... Reply to comment

Good stuff, Julie! It's where I am too...

Thanks for sharing. Love you!!

Tracy said... Reply to comment

So beautifully and powerfully expressed...God's deep is beckoning and becoming more and more irresistable! The cautious and fearful part of me holds back, yet little by little, I'm stepping out...I'm going to print this post to as a reminder when the fear creeps back...(I'm printing Tiffany's too...) Thank you for speaking this beautiful truth.

Martha Leah said... Reply to comment

Oh how beautiful, YOU definitely have a way with words! I love the comparison, very inspiring!! Keep up the fabulous work and thank you for your encouraging comment. I truly appreciate it!!

P.S. Yep, seems like "comfort" is the theme with us bloggers =)

Joyfulsister said... Reply to comment

Hi Julie,
I really enjoyed reading this post. Isaiah 45:3 has been the scripture I held on to while going through Chemo, The Lord lead me to this scripture in the darkest times of my life.I have had the most intimate jorney with my father unlike any I have ever experienced and kept a journal of all that I have discovered, and continue to discover till today. I would not change anything that I have gone through no matter how at times I felt like giving up, it was during those times the Lord allowed me to see things in the darknest I would not have seen any other times. Aloha Lorie

Merrie said... Reply to comment

ahhhh YES! What a beautiful analogy and yes, I truly do want to launch out into the deep with Jesus!

Laura said... Reply to comment

Hello, my precious friend! I hope you are doing well. Still praying for your Hannah, that God will speak clearly! This summer is going so fast, I cannot keep up! God is doing amazing things in our lives, preparing us for the changes to come. thank you for your prayers during this transition.
You are a precious gem!

Gretchen said... Reply to comment

Diving, baby. Diving. Without a net. ;) Knowing He's there to catch me.