Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Meet My Daughters:

Hello my friends, I just wanted to take a minute to introduce you to my two daughters' blogs. Both are on a God journey.

My girl, Hannah is walking a difficult road after her engagement was broken this past May. She is writing the musings of her heart as she seeks to find God in the midst of her brokenness. Her posts are raw and vulnerable as she honestly reveals the battles and questions she faces. If you'd like to visit, her blog is: Walking Into Freedom:

My Hannah:

My girl Courtney and her husband Kevin are following God into a new adventure. This past April, at 12 weeks into their pregnancy, they learned that they had lost their baby. They were told that they would have to wait a year before trying to have another child. They began to seek God's heart on what He would have for this season of their lives. They felt Him leading them to go overseas for a YWAM Discipleship Training School/Outreach. They are currently raising support with plans to leave in early October. They are writing of their journey from marriage to miscarriage to missions. You can visit their blog here: Together In Him:

My Courtney:

My girls have walked some tough roads these last few months. I'd love to have you visit them and share the love that you have so beautifully given to me. If you stop by their blogs, please tell them you are a friend of mine. Thanks, friends for loving on my girls!


Carmen said... Reply to comment

Okay...will do! :)

Peggy said... Reply to comment

Blessings Julie... I was so delighted last year in having the joy of meeting (via blog land) your YWAM Courtney. Somehow I missed her big wedding... I so sorry for their struggles (both your daughters) and
your SIL, Kevin.

I'm just getting back into blogging but if I don't get a chance to click over and visit them, I will pray...more, because the moment I read, I laid my hands on Hannah & Courtney asking our Heavenly 'Papa'
to pour out an abundance of His love & healing!!!

Beautiful both of them & I'm sure their blogs are also...and more powerful. Thanks for reminding us to encourage one another & lovin' especially young beauties growing & going through these tough times...

Karen said... Reply to comment

Well...your girls have definitely been blessed with the same writing skills as their mom! I enjoyed my visits to their blogs...I know you are so proud of both of them...

CAPTIVATING FI said... Reply to comment

I will be visiting your beautiful daughters blogs! I see your heart as a mum (aussie spelling) and I love that you are all journeying together! I love that!! xx

That Crazy Family said... Reply to comment

Such a beautiful post! I cant wait to drop by their blogs! I love to hear you speak about your love for your family, such compassion and adoration!

Tea with Tiffany said... Reply to comment

Oh, so sweet to see your girls here. I'll go love on them too. :) Probably not tonight though, it's been an extra long day! But GOD is GOOD..

Miss you lots.

sparrow girl said... Reply to comment

I prayed for your girls today, Julie!

Love, Sparrow

Amy said... Reply to comment

How exciting to hear about where God is leading Courtney and her husband!
I pray for abundant provision for them.

My heart goes out to Hannah. I pray for God to keep her spirit at peace.

naomi said... Reply to comment

You know what I think about your girls and your boys! They are all pretty incredible! I know as a mom seeing them all grow up has been like a FLASH. You do it gracefully :-) God is certainly up to something awesome in all of their lives!
Love you Julie!