Monday, June 22, 2009

Meet Billy Coffey

I’ve found a wonderful blog. Billy Coffey is a gifted writer who watches as the story unfolds in his everyday world. I asked him if he would share a post with you, my friends. I hope you will go and visit Billy. I believe you will be inspired. I know I am each time I visit. Thank you Billy for sharing with us. (*Note, I tried 4 times to get this post spaced correctly, if it's still not right, please don't let the spacing deter you from reading this post. It's an amazing post.)

The One by Billy Coffey

I first wrote this for my children, who had grown tired of the usual fare of bedtime stories involving knights and princesses in distress. "Tell us a real story," they said.

So here it is. Written not just for them, but for you, too. And all I ask in return is that after your bedtime prayers tonight, you think about this and sleep well...

One day God sat upon His heavenly throne and looked down upon all He had made. All the galaxies of all the universes were in His sight. Some were spiral, some flat, some round, but each were wondrous in their size and beauty.

He saw comets whisking about, their tails long and shiny. Suns burst with incredible brilliance. Black holes churned. And He saw the secret places where no eyes but His own ever roamed. Everything turned in a silent celestial dance that many could ponder but only He could understand.

He saw stars of all shapes and sizes—huge red ones, medium yellow ones, small white ones. And around the stars were worlds innumerable. Some hung peacefully in the blackness of space. Others teemed with strange and wondrous life. And God saw that it was all good and wonderful and perfect.

Then the eyes of the Lord settled upon one small galaxy among the millions, then upon one yellow star among the billions, to one pale, blue dot.

Of all the worlds God had created, the blue dot was the most beautiful in His eyes. It was a world of unsurpassed beauty, of churning oceans and majestic mountains, of soaring birds and graceful animals.

But there was something more there. Something far more valuable. For God had made oceans and mountains and creatures on many other worlds and in many other galaxies, but only in this one place, only upon this pale, blue dot, did God fashion beings who carried within them a part of Himself.

Man and Woman, the Lord called them. It was God’s love that gave them life, and it was God’s love that gave them the choice of whether to love Him back. But they chose unwisely. Now, the very ones God had created had forgotten Him. His children had lost their way. And more than that, they had lost their faith.

The pale, blue dot that was once so pure was now nearly ruined. There was war and bloodshed, hate and slavery, pain and suffering. And as the Lord listened, the cries of the people echoed throughout all of heaven. The smile that was upon God’s face began to fade. The cherubim who circled the throne in constant song stopped then, their wings lowered. Slowly they turned to face their Lord, astonished at the sight.

For God, Creator of all, had begun to cry.

Then with a powerful voice He called out, “Michael, come!”

The mighty doors of the throne room opened as Michael the archangel, commander of the armies of heaven, appeared. His clothing shone brighter than the brightest star, and a golden sword hung from his side. As he bowed before the Lord his wings stretched outward, so large and majestic that they seemed to touch the very corners of heaven.

“What is Thy wish, my Lord?” Michael asked.

“Michael,” God answered, “the time has come. Go forth and bring to me the soul unlike all others. Bring to me The One.”

At those words the cherubim again burst into joyful song, for they knew all of heaven had waited for this moment since time itself began. Michael’s smile was lit with the radiance of a hundred suns. “As you wish, my Lord,” he said, drawing his massive sword in salute.

Michael left the presence of God and searched throughout heaven. He walked along the golden streets and by the crystal sea until, finally, he had found whom God had requested, whom God had called The One. The two of them journeyed back to the throne and bowed before the Lord.

“My child,” God said, “do you see the pale, blue dot below you?”

“Yes, Father,” replied The One.

“No world is more precious to Me. And none of the souls I have ever created are more loved by My heart than those whom you see walking upon it. And yet they have forgotten how to live. They have forgotten that they share one Father, and so they quarrel and hate. Their words maim the heart and their actions destroy the soul. They think not of their neighbors, but only of themselves. Yet My love for them is such that I will not forsake them. They have cried out for My help, and I will answer them. I will send them you.

“You must go and take their form. You will grow to walk among them, and you are to help them remember how I would have them live. Teach them to love one another. Show them that they can have joy.

“And above all, tell them that the life I have given them is not a curse, but a blessing. Their lives upon the pale, blue dot are short and their days are few. Tell them that they must never take their days for granted, but use their time to ease the burdens of others. Tell them not to worry. Tell them not to fear. Tell them that the Lord watches over them, and that His love is great.

“Take care, My child, and be strong. You will be tempted to speak as they speak and live as they live. Resist those things. Remember instead that the pale, blue dot is not your true home. Your true home is here, with Me. Be gentle with others. See in them yourself. See in them Me. Grow in wisdom.

"Let the light I have put in you shine forth and do not forget your purpose, for you will suffer greatly. You will feel the pains of loss, and you will journey to the depths of sadness and despair. These things you must experience, for they are shared by all. Only turn to Me, your Father. I will comfort you in your anguish, I will laugh with you in your joy, and I will bless you abundantly.

“Go now, My child, and make haste, for you are the answer to their prayers. Do not forget Me. Remain strong and courageous, and remember that I look down upon you always.”

With that the precious soul rose up and stood upon the edge of heaven. All the angels gathered there in silence as Michael took The One by the hand and together descended to the tiny, blue dot...


How does the story end? I can't say. I don't know.

Because, you see, the story is still happening.

Because you are The One.

And right now, this minute, all the angels stand upon the edge of heaven, and watch…

Please visit Billy at His Blog: "What I Learned Today"


Sita said... Reply to comment

Beautiful, Julie...I have seen Billy's name often commenting on other writer's blogs. Thanks for sharing this...

Crown of Beauty said... Reply to comment

Hi, dear Julie,
I wanted to surprise you... by commenting just at about the same time that I know you are at my blog site. Saw your city and state on live feedjit... so glad to be connecting with you on real time.

I visited this site last night, and will do again soon. Promises to be a delightful blog, as you say!

Have a great day ahead of you as I end mine over here. It's nearly midnight now, so I have to say good night!

Billy Coffey said... Reply to comment

Thanks so much for doing this for me, Julie. You're such a sweetheart!

LauraLee Shaw said... Reply to comment

I love Billy's blog. I'm so glad you highlighted him!

Karen said... Reply to comment

What a precious story...thanks for sharing this....

Joye @ The Joyeful Journey said... Reply to comment

Wow. This is just amazing. AMAZING. My Jesus lives in me--to save a dying world.

Amy said... Reply to comment

Thanks for sharing this awesome story by Billy Coffey. What a gifted writer he is!!

May the Lord use Billy mightily for His kingdom. And may many people be led to Christ through Billy's books.


Tea With Tiffany said... Reply to comment

I've read this before. Yes, Billy is a gifted story teller. Thank you for sharing this beautiful post.