Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dear Daddy

Dear Daddy,
It's Father's Day. It's my first one without you. There is no card this year. I loved picking them out for you. I would read through each one until I found the one that truthfully expressed my heart. It was important, for words of the heart spoke to you as they do to me. You often mentioned how perfect the cards were. I loved that.

I miss you terribly. I know you are where you were meant to be. I know you are finally fulfilled, completely and totally fulfilled. That comforts me today. I'm trusting that somehow you might see this letter. I've asked God to give you a hug from me today and tell you that I love you.. I asked Him to tell you Happy Father's Day for me..

I wish I could see where you are. I wish I could see heaven. I know it's a beautiful place. I wish I had a snapshot of you there. Sometimes I wonder if you can see me. I think of you all the time. Sometimes it hurts too much to think about you being gone. The finality of it is hard for the mind to grasp. I try to imagine you where you are. It's the only thing that brings me comfort. I heard a teaching on heaven the other day and I thought of you. It was a happy/sad moment. I was sad to be reminded that you weren't with me, but happy at the thought of you waiting there for me.

Sometimes I wish I could have one more conversation. The other night I dreamed I was given another chance to talk to you. I believe God will give you the messages I ask Him to deliver.

When I think of one word to describe you, Daddy, I think of the word, "champion". Mom spoke that over you the day you met Jesus face to face. It fits you perfectly. You are the champion of my heart. I am still your girl.

I always will be......

Happy Father's Day!
I love you,


Sita said... Reply to comment

Julie, what a beautiful tribute to your 'champion' that God gave you. I recently found a song by Mandisa where she imagines a child in heaven telling his mom about the blue being bluer, the red redder, the bright day you will be with him enjoying and seeing like you never have and your Dad is waiting...with Jesus..
Love and thoughts to you this bittersweet day,

Marsha said... Reply to comment

Oh Julie, This touched my heart!

This is my first Father's Day without buying a card, too. My step dad of 31 years just went to be with the Lord last month. My Dad, 11 years ago. My Father in law is in an Alzheimer's unit and doesn't even know we exist anymore.

You are blessed to have such precious memories of your Dad. May the Lord comfort you in a special way today.

You are loved.

Anonymous said... Reply to comment

Jewel, This is a beautiful letter. He would love it. I love you, Mom

Sarah Dawn said... Reply to comment

What a touching tribute to your father, Your life continues to show His love and point others to our Heavenly father. I just love your blog header, such a beautiful picture or our lives here on earth, almost as a cocoon. Can hardly wait till the day I emerge in eternity and really learn to fly.

Blessings from Costa Rica,
Sarah Dawn

Daveda said... Reply to comment

My heart is with you.

QuilLight said... Reply to comment

I love this, Julie. That brass bell is too easy to ring sometimes.

Crown of Beauty said... Reply to comment

This is so precious, Julie.

I know that as you write down your feelings, and flashback to your father memories, and share those with us, the process of healing for your grief is facilitated.

Still praying for you. I love the picture of you with your dad. You are so pretty, Julie!

May God continue to fill your heart with His comfort.

Please stop by my June 21 post. I have something there for you.


Bretta said... Reply to comment

So sweet, Julie. Thought of you often yesterday...almost called you to meet me at Starbucks at 9:30 last night, but thought it was probably too late. We were on our way back from Barbara's dad's visitation in Marietta and stopped in Ellijay.

Anyway...Love you!

Karen said... Reply to comment

That is a great picture! The letter to your Daddy is so sweet and I believe with you that your Daddy knows what his girl has written and what is in her heart...

Amy said... Reply to comment


Thanks for sharing this beautiful letter you wrote for your beloved daddy.

I often pray the same prayer you prayed on Father's Day, asking God to hug my "Mimi" and other loved ones that are in heaven. It always brings me comfort to know Jesus is holding them tight.

May the Father continue to hold you tight as you wait til the day you and your daddy are reunited.

Love you!

Tea With Tiffany said... Reply to comment

Your daddy is definitely your champion. I feel your love. I can't imagine your grief without him here. I haven't walked the road of losing my dad yet. I'm so thankful heaven awaits with Jesus and our loved ones.

Love you,


Beautiful Grace said... Reply to comment

Beautiful tribute to your Father, Julie.