Tuesday, May 18, 2010

His hand is extended©

One of the things I love about God is the pictures He shares with me. It’s amazing to think that before I took my first breath I was made to be a visual person. I see pictures. They speak a message to me. It’s in the day to day living that most often He gives me deeper glimpses of His heart.

As a mother I watch my children walk through the situations of their lives with an ache and longing. I find myself wishing desperately that I could give them that next step that will take them to the truth that will set them free. I see His heart in me there.

All five of my children walked at different times. They had to get to that place on their own. I could always tell when they were getting ready to make that move. They started crawling up to a surface to pull themselves up to stand. I knew they were only days away from stepping out into a new path.

Arms outstretched beckoned them to come to me. At first they were afraid to make that first step. But eventually they would come. Finally they trusted enough to take a chance. It was the beginning of their freedom.

In the beginning it was baby steps, one, two, maybe three before falling down. Soon they discovered that grabbing hold of my outstretched hand allowed them to walk alongside me for an indefinite amount of time. I became the support that stabilized them as they stepped out into their freedom.

So many things I see in this picture of life that I’ve lived five times over. In this moment I find myself there again. I am learning to walk in new territory. I want to live in my reality, Jesus in Julie, but to tell you the truth, so much is still so hazy to me. I’ve lived the life of the “old Julie” for so long that sometimes I can’t see where or how to step.

I was reminded afresh the other day of a phrase that was repetitively brought to my mind in years past. “I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” It made me think about the times that I would hold my children’s hands while they learned to walk. It was then He spoke tenderly to my heart.

“Jewel, “I am your support.” “I will lead you on the unfamiliar path.” “Let my strong hand guide you.” “Walk with Me, Jewel.” “Hold onto me.”

He consistently stands there with arms outstretched beckoning me to come. He knows the ropes. He knows the path, the way to walk.

Just as my children trusted me to run into my awaiting arms, I trust Him. As my children grabbed hold of my hand to stabilize them I grab hold of Him. He will walk me to where my feet need to be planted. He is my strong arm that holds me upright. He knows the path that leads to life. He knows the path that leads to my freedom.

He will make them known to me.

It is His outstretched arm that brought the children of Israel out of Egypt. He parted the waters of the Red Sea and brought them to safety. He fed them, carried them, rescued them from their enemies. He brought them out of the wilderness into the promised land. It is that hand that is extended to me.

As I grab hold it is then I will find my way into my freedom. For in that place I let go of carrying myself to find I desperately need. I will never get there on my own. I’ve tried that, it doesn’t work. He invites me to walk into that resurrected life. It is His life in me. He knows what it looks like. He waits to show me.

He invites me to let go of all that I am able to do for myself and need Him alone to do for me. It’s an invitation to my freedom for He walks on the paths that lead to life.

I see Him there looking deeply into my eyes. His arms are outstretched, His hand is extended.

Do you see Him?

©copyrighted:2010 Julie L. Todd


Katie said... Reply to comment

Yeah, that's what it's like, isn't it? Over and over and over again. Learning to never walk on our own...which is the natural tendency and temptation.

PS. That verse is my daughter's life verse that we chose for her after she was born. :-)

Karen said... Reply to comment

Yes, I see Him...as I take hold of His hand to guide me on this journey...

Beautifully written, Julie!

Terra said... Reply to comment

Oh yes, I see Him, and I count on Him and am not disappointed. This is a beautiful post.

Andrea said... Reply to comment

I am watching one of my adult children as he struggles with life decisions..it is so hard not to try and make them for him or fix it. I have got to let him be totally dependent on CHRIST..not me.
Blessings, hugs, and prayers,

Anonymous said... Reply to comment

That verse in Isaiah 41:10 has sustained me so many times. I love it.

I say it with my boys every night before they go to sleep as I want them to know that He will support them with His hand. Loved this Julie.

He speaks to me in the everyday too. xo

christy rose said... Reply to comment

"He invites me to let go of all that I am able to do for myself and need Him alone to do for me."--an invitation to freedom

Thank God Jesus brings such good news!!

Laura said... Reply to comment

I see HIm written all over you, sweet friend. I love these stories from your life, how you listen so well to what He teaches.


Amy said... Reply to comment

Amen, Julie!

His hand, His amazing strength has brought me to the Promised Land!

Without Him I would be nothing.

Anonymous said... Reply to comment

thanks for taking the time to stop at my blog--i added you to my blog roll-you have an inspiring blog here---i can so relate the first words that hit me was I am a visual person--exactly how i am--(which for me is good and bad at some times)--looking forward to stopping back and reading your blog.

Aine Willis said... Reply to comment

This was beautiful, Julie. It made me stop and think of my own boys ... when they learned to walk. I love your analogy. It was a perfect picture of God's love for us and his patience in the waiting for our first steps.

Loved it! Aine

That Crazy Family said... Reply to comment

Beautiful!! Im still here (Trinity Mommy) but using a different sign in name but just wanted to let you know how much your correspondence with me a while back has meant! Papa continues to show me more and more of his truth, I LOVE that my eyes are being opened and that He uses people like you to help inspire and encourage the process!

Connie Barris said... Reply to comment


I have something for you at my place...

Come and see me...


Vicki said... Reply to comment

Loved this, Julie. He is revealing even more of His grace to me this year. Your writing refreshes my heart!!

Cindy said... Reply to comment

Though I don't have the opportunity to stop by as often as I would like...I sure am looking forward to see where these steps lead in your life.
Blessings my friend,