Monday, February 8, 2010

A Journey of Grace: Walking Without Crutches ©

As I stepped into the waters of trust I found myself crying out to be emptied of all the efforts I had used to manage my world. They had become crutches I had relied on to carry me. Though the pruning was painful I knew the old had to be removed in order for the new to be known, seen and lived.

As the pruning progressed I found myself relating to a hedge that sat at the end of our flower bed. David had gotten a little carried away when pruning it for spring. By the time he finished all that remained was the base of the trunk.

I watched it weekly to see if there would be any signs of life. If it could be cut back that far and still live, maybe I would too. If spring came to it, maybe it would come to me too. I waited and watched for new life. So much of my life was being rearranged that I often found myself wondering who I really was.

I knew that in order to find life, the old things had to be left behind, as well as the hurts of my yesterdays. For until the hurts were redefined I would carry them into my today and my tomorrow. They would remain in my memory bank continuing to define my life. The affects of the past had to be removed in order to move on.

I always knew when it was time to have one healed. Jesus would bring up a memory. It was as if He was hand delivering an invitation to my healing.

I had believed many things about myself through events that had taken place through the years. Who I truly was had become lost underneath layers of deception. Jesus came to scrape the lies away, much like a restorer with a piece of furniture. At just the right moment He would apply the varnish remover, pick up the tools, and gently sand away one layer at a time. He was determined to bring the original design out from under the coats of deception that covered me.

On one such day I remembered a deep rejection I had experienced. I knew it was a summons to my healing. I could hear Him asking, “Can we talk about what happened, Jewel?” Hand in hand Jesus and I walked back into the memory.

When I was a 16 years old I thought I had fallen in love. I thought I would love this young man forever. After all he had promised we would marry. Less than a year later he broke up with me, breaking my heart into tiny pieces. I reasoned through the mind of a 17 year old girl. At that point I believed there was something wrong with me. I believed this man had rejected me because of my flaws. I believed I was unwanted, yet again.

As we remembered together I began to tell Jesus how rejected I had felt. I wanted to know where He was when this was going on. I wanted to know what He saw, what really happened. He gently spoke, “Jewel, you weren’t rejected.” “I took him away from you.” “He wasn’t right for you.” “I had to remove him.”

Years of heartache and rejection were healed in an instant. I could see something I had been blind to for years. Until that point my identity had been defined by a moment in time when I believed something that was far from truth.

For years the hurt places caused me to look for things that could bear the weight of who I feared I was. In the process they became the crutches that hindered me from walking in what was really true.

The broken places distort everything much like the carnival mirrors I played with as a child. He came to restore the broken places with His truth. He came to teach me how to see and love me.

Remember the shrub that had been cut back to the trunk? By the end of spring it was filled with new fresh shoots of green life. The pruning had had it’s purpose. So it has been with me.

He knew who I was all along. He invited me to see. In the process the crutches have been removed. I don’t need them any longer. For I now walk with a God who has been loving away my pain. As He has loved me He has taught Me how to love Me. In loving me I have become free to love.

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Paula said... Reply to comment

Oh Julie, thank you! These words have saved me - "He gently spoke, “Jewel, you weren’t rejected.” “I took him away from you.” “He wasn’t right for you.” “I had to remove him.”" I have NEVER looked upon my 'rejection' by the men from my life in this way before. I knew I had made poor choices, but felt they had left me because I wasn't worthy of them. No, it was because Jesus knew I deserved better. Thank you again Julie!

Paula said... Reply to comment

Back again...I've linked to you in my latest post. I wanted to spotlight your series as it will be a blessing to many. xo

Crown of Beauty said... Reply to comment

How beautiful this story is, another chapter to your journey of grace.

Again, thank you for sharing.

God has given you the perspective from which to see your emotional wounds, which had been accessed by the enemy, at the point when you were vulnerable to his demonic schemes...

And now Jesus speaks another layer of healing to your heart.

May God use your story to heal many others.


Amy said... Reply to comment


I pray that God will use your life to draw many women to the healing power found in Jesus.

Terra said... Reply to comment

Those are wise words you share here. "I took him away from you, he wasn't right for you." It is so good that you understand this now and can grow and flourish.

christy rose said... Reply to comment

Julie, This journey that you write about here is so petic in nature. It is amazing how God tends to our hearts with His love and writes our story for us and if we just begin to look back like you have, it comes forth with such poetry. A masterpiece! His masterpiece!

Tea With Tiffany said... Reply to comment

Love the voice of Jesus. He speaks and with His words, YOU, my friend, are healed. Praise the LORD!!

Anonymous said... Reply to comment

"The broken places distort everything much like the carnival mirrors I played with as a child. He came to restore the broken places with His truth. He came to teach me how to see and love me."

I love this Julie. xo

Michelle said... Reply to comment

I love how gentle He is with us. I didn't grow up with that patient, quiet voice and so it was difficult to hear for some time. Now I listen closer and tend to push away any voice that speaks with harsh condemnation, finally knowing, that is not Him. He desires to bring healing.

Thank you...again.

オテモヤン said... Reply to comment
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Crown of Beauty said... Reply to comment

Hi Julie,
Thanks for sharing more of your journey.

God has surely done a lot of cleaning inside of you, and your honesty in sharing the process is surely so helpful to those undergoing the same things.

I am sure that as you have thought about these things, you are also undergoing another layer of healing. It helps process whatever residue of the old Julie still remains.


Gretchen said... Reply to comment

So beautifully transparent and tender.

Karen said... Reply to comment

Totally loving this....