Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I Will Not Bow Down

      I will not bow down.  I will say it again... I will not bow down!

     Why is it often difficult to see the enemy’s attempts to bring me down?  How easily I can get caught in a place of value seeking.  He knows that I want to have a significance on this earth.  Why is it so easy to get swept into that place of allowing man to give me or take value from me?

     The question  was asked; “what is it that satan uses to try and get you to bow down?  I know the answer, it comes to me immediately.  I want to make a difference, to have a value in what I offer.  I want to have something significant to bring the world.  I want to make Papa God proud.

     There’s this place inside me that wants to be seen and delighted in.  It’s a natural desire.  The problem is it often gets twisted and somehow begins to incorporate my value as seen through the eyes of the world, instead of the eyes of Papa.

     I love to tell His truths.  When He invited me to teach “Captivating” at my old church, the desire was birthed into life.  I couldn’t hold it back.  I loved teaching, speaking and talking about His heart.  Standing up front with a microphone attached, telling the truth of HIs heart, stirred something deep inside me.  With the awakened desire came an ache all it’s own.

     As is often the case, desire is awakened to then be taken into hibernation.  The hibernation brings with it a time of dormancy.  Living with the birthed desire has had it’s moments of pain and heartache.  It’s in those moments that the enemy comes trying to convince me to bow down.

     Another desire awakened when I started to write again.  I love it, yet it can be painful sometimes.  Last year I lost 30 devotionals when my hard drive crashed.  Two weeks ago my laptop was damaged and once again, taking with it more writing.  The taunting I hear tries to convince me that I am wasting my time.  It’s not whispers this time, but shouts...”give it all up”...”what you are doing is worthless.”

     I will not bow down! I will not allow my value to be challenged by the one who comes to steal, kill and destroy.  I choose to combat the lies with the truth.  I am significant because I am His created one.  That is what gives me value, not a ministry, title, teaching, or even evidence of influencing someone’s life.  I am significant because I am His.  It has nothing to do with what I do.

     I am loved, seen, and delighted in.  I have incredible value to Him and if I never did another thing, but live loved THAT would fulfill my destiny.  THAT is why I am here.  It’s so easy to miss the truth.  It’s so easy to think that what I do here on this earth is what really counts.  

     The reality is, my Papa loves me just because I am His Jewel.  If I live in that, I fulfill what I was created for.  I am loved by the Creator of the universe.  That is what makes a difference on this earth.  THAT is my reality.  Therefore, I will not bow down!

     What about you?  What is it that the enemy uses to try to get you to bow down?

©copyright:  2008 Julie L. Todd


Joyful said... Reply to comment

The enemy uses distractions and feelings on me to bring me down - things that take my eyes off Christ. For me, bringing every thought captive under God's control is what fights that battle. I daily need to dress in His armour to protect myself from the devil's schemes. But, greater is He that is in me, than he that is in the world. Praise the Lord. The battle has been fought and the victory has already been won!

Bowing to the King of Kings alone,

Gretchen said... Reply to comment

First of all, can I hear a rousing AMEN?!!! Woo Hoo. I can just hear you know who slinking back to hell where he belongs.

My stronghold? Worth in doing. Absolutely. And pride. That's why He leads me on the path to reading my good friend Julie's posts--to keep me centered on Him. He's using ya, babe.

Shanda said... Reply to comment

Speaking as one who has been greatly influenced by His work in you... I stand with you and say, "NO, don't give it up, don't bow down!"

What is the enemy using to try and get me down???? I will take this to the Lord. I feel this is something I definitely need to reach into.

Just To Praise Him... said... Reply to comment

Sister, I am having the hardest time trying to teach my oldest daughter this very thing. It seems at age 13 there are so many things to distract her. Boys, peer pressure, cell phones, the latest clothes...etc. To me she is beautiful but getting her to see that she is is an ongoing battle that I am determined to win. If you have any suggestions, do tell!!


ktwalden said... Reply to comment

What powerful words! The enemy knows exactly which button(s) to push to try and make each of us bow down. By raising the Sword of the Spirit high, the child of God will always triumph! God bless you for your encouraging post.

Tiffany Stuart said... Reply to comment


WOW, speak it!

I will not bow down either!

We stand together united. With bruises from the fight, but standing with God in victory! Actually more like, held in Papa's arms victorious!

We are His precious daughters. We are found in His love. We are held and kissed and hugged and hugged some more.

Papa God is well pleased with you. With Julie as you are. Just because he made you. His beloved bride.

So thankful for the power and passion behind this post. This is where the victory is won. Remembering who we are. And then resting there. Telling that dirt bag to pack his smelly bags and head to south! He's done messing with the King of kings' girls!

Fighting the fight with you.

We will not bow down.


Laura said... Reply to comment

Precious Jewel,

You make such a difference in my life! Your offerings glorify Him tremendously.

Oh, but I understand that tendency for things to get twisted around. I have to fight the desire to be "seen and delighted" in frequently. Satan is a clever one, is he not? But I will say it with you, "I will not bow down!"

Love to you,


Angie said... Reply to comment

Julie...the voice you heard...was the same one I heard. We must do all we can---in the days we are given for HIM. YOU are right...we will not give up---nor...back down...lay down...let up nor shut up...UNTIL WE GO UP!!!

You are precious to me! I wish I could hear you speak to your class!!! What a joy!

Tracy said... Reply to comment

Amen Julie! I love the passion with which you share this heartfelt message. Our worth to Papa is priceless. Even more than we as parents want to see our children find fulfillment and purpose in their lives, God longs for us to embrace the gifts He's given to us and run with them, boldly, confidently and with great joy! It's no wonder Satan attacks us most when we're doing that which God has expressly designed us for...because that's when we're most effective for Him.

The enemy's tools of choice against me are fear, pride and the desire to please others rather than Papa. Your words today are powerful encouragement to me! I need to surrender myself each and every day to the work of the Lord and cover myself with the whole armor of God. Blessings, sweet one.


Tiffany Stuart said... Reply to comment

keep fighting, my friend!

I'm praying.

Stonefox (otherwise known as Heidi) said... Reply to comment

I think for me, there are different things at different times. (I, unfortunately, have several weaknesses, not just one). But He is faithful to stengthen me in some areas while working on the one.

You are blessed because you know exactly what is going on, so you know how to stand firm. You have truth in your hand and in your heart. Don't give in to the enemies lies. And remember that HE will lift you up. Lost devotionals and all, HE will bring it all to pass. You are not overlooked or forgotten, you are just in the shadow of His hand. That is a safe and wonderful place to be!

Amy said... Reply to comment


This makes me feel like dancing!!!

You know I'm a big fan of Kirk Franklin's music. This post makes me think of the lyrics to the song 'Stomp'..."Makes me wanna clap my hands, makes me wanna dance and stomp."

The enemy tries again and again, but he never wins. It's awesome to live in victory!

Julie, may you always know what a blessing your gift of writing is to me and many others.

Love you,

Tiffany Stuart said... Reply to comment

tagged you... hope you play.

Sarah said... Reply to comment

"I am loved, seen, and delighted in. I have incredible value to Him and if I never did another thing, but live loved THAT would fulfill my destiny. THAT is why I am here. It’s so easy to miss the truth. It’s so easy to think that what I do here on this earth is what really counts."
Amen, Julie. This is such a crux we must wrap our heads around. So often we get into the mindset that somehow we have some greater purpose (probably because we fhear it all the time from mainstream Christianity) but God's heart is that we would absorb His love--in so doing, He is glorified. If all I ever do is live as though I am loved....I have truely LIVED. love you

Mom2Mom Ministry said... Reply to comment

Just popping in to say hello. That butterfly and flower look so nice with 30 degree evenings now. I didn't think any more leaves could possibly fall off the trees but after the last rain and wind we had our yard is covered again. We just finished up Bible Study and I can't wait for the next one to start. We're job hunting so I'm not sure if we'll even be here after the beginning of the year but if we are I'll be at BS!! Have a great Christmas.