Thursday, December 27, 2007

Where Has The Time Gone?

I came back here today to view a friend's blog. Has it been over a year since I have been here and written anything? What a year it has been. I think the hardest thing to me about blogging is that I really don't know what to even write. And who is it I am writing to? Does anyone really read what I write anyways?

I see that so many of you have written to each other and have found friendships here. How does that happen? How do you find each other? How does anyone find me? If I knew someone might actually be reading I might  just write something, but if I am doing this just to write to myself, well with 5 kids and home schooling I would just not even attempt it. After all, life is pretty full as it is.

So, someone out there in blogging world help me out. How do you find each other? How do I connect with other people out in "blog world"?

It's early Christmas morning and we are setting the presents out around the tree. How did the year pass so quickly? It seems the older I get the faster they go.

Before you know it Christmas will have come and gone. 2008 is just around the corner.

If you are reading this my wish for you is that you will be blessed beyond measure as you spend time with family and friends in this next day. But my greatest wish for you is that you will bask in the goodness of a Savior who would leave His kingly throne and come to live amongst us, suffer and die for us, and then restore us to new life.

May you see the new life that He has birthed in you. The old has gone, the new has come.

A new year approaches, the last year will be but a memory. 

May this year be the year that new beginnings into a greater understanding of what this day Christmas was really all about.

Merry Christmas,
©copyrighted 2007 by Julie L. Todd