Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Lessons of a Tricycle©

It was my very first tricycle. Christmas Day brought it to me. I couldn't wait to get on it and ride; so I did, all throughout the house. I've been told that I was unstoppable. I was determined to ride it no matter what obstacles lay in my path. I would start out, hit a piece of furniture, back up, turn around and push forward.
It was a clear revealer of the spirit inside the young child.

I've been known to set my face like a flint when going after the things I wanted. In my quest toward the goal, giving up was not an option. The words of my mother to this day still ring in my ears, "If you get your will going in the right direction, everything will be all right." I didn't really know what it meant then. I am beginning to now.

I remember early on in my years of parenting being given the advice, "you have to break the will of the child." I look back now and see the absurdity of those words. You cannot break the will of a child, it has to be given up. It cannot be forced. It must be chosen.

Life often feels as if it asks more than it gives. Difficult days find their way into our lives. Aren't I supposed to set my face like a flint to keep walking? Aren't I supposed to persevere? Yes, but somehow, somewhere in the mix of it all something can get so cunningly twisted. It's a subtle thing you know. I had been told to hang tough, keep at it, fight the good fight. Life often requires that to some degree. But what about God?

How does all this balance out? Christ is the hope within me. He is the lifeline extended to me every single day. Where do my self-willed efforts hinder His?

It's so easy to find myself much like that young girl on her tricycle. Push forward, hit the obstacles, turn around, and keep going. I find myself now questioning where does that leave me to look for the strength of the One who is my strength? Whose strength does that leave me enduring in, really? Where is it me instead of Him?

In some hidden, subtle way it's easy to find myself living in the old way of the self-willed life.

Barriers fill our road these days making it difficult to maneuver around. My husband just lost his job. There is no income coming regularly into our home. We have no clue what to do next. What now God? Will we choose to endure for the sake of endurance, setting our faces like a flint or will we cling to the One who endured it all needing His perseverance to come in us? There's a subtle difference there. One requires my efforts and disciplines. The other requires His.

Life often comes around full circle for me. Need suddenly opens the door for humility extending an invitation that readies my heart to receive. I cannot, nor do I want to do this life alone. It's starting to make some sense to me now. I'm understanding more and more the words my mother once spoke.

Life's obstacles are awakening a place within me, allowing my will to be placed in the right direction. I'm learning to receive what Christ waits to give to me; all that He accomplished for me when He walked out of that grave. He, is my perseverance. It's not up to me. He perseveres in me, through me, into life around me. He is my hope, my endurance, my strength, the one who keeps me hanging on.

I see Him there. He rides on the heavens to help us and underneath are His everlasting arms. He invites me to fall into them allowing their strength to move me forward. I need Him, oh how I need Him. I am convinced it's the invitation He's been waiting for.
©copyrighted: 2011; Julie L. Todd


Rambling Heather said... Reply to comment

This is beautiful! I love coming here and reading your words. Keeping your family in my prayers. P.S. I need some new book suggestions, any good reads lately :)

selahV (hariette petersen) said... Reply to comment

Julie, haven't popped onto your site in a long while. I read you in my email subscription. Just want you to know that since you first told us about your hubby losing his job, I have been praying for you. I know you don't know me. I found you, I think, through another's link. you know how that is. clik, read...clik...and suddenly someone comes to the door, or the phone rings and before you know forget how you got hooked up to a space of cyber-blossoms. anyway...I say all this to just let you know God has others (probably just like me) out here in the sphere of good and evil, praying for His perfect will in your life. And also a bunch of blessings midst the abundant grace He delivers as you walk through this valley. God bless...selahV (a.k.a. hariette petersen)

Amy said... Reply to comment


I love this analogy! You have such a gift for describing in words the deep places of the heart.

I'm excited to see what Jesus is going to do next for you and David!

Praying hard!

Rebekah Grace said... Reply to comment

Hello friend! I'm stopping by your world today. Just to say "hi" and check on you.

Love and prayers!

Rebekah Grace said... Reply to comment

Hello friend! I'm stopping by your world today. Just to say "hi" and check on you.

Love and prayers!

Anonymous said... Reply to comment

Thank you so much for this post. How I needed this today. Two key phrases in you post jumped right out to me and I will continue to keep them with me today and ponder them in my heart. I'm so sorry to hear your husband lost his job. Like SelahV I will be praying for your family and a job quickly. Blessings.

Karen said... Reply to comment

Keeping riding that trike, Julie...

Praying, sister....

Essay Writing said... Reply to comment

Love this one.. I feel strongly about it.. Keeping your family in my prayers too...

emily wierenga said... Reply to comment

there is such encouragement in your words, such hope, friend... i'm glad to have 'met' you...

Dewa Thakur said... Reply to comment
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