Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Ease of His Burden©

Little by little I’m starting to grasp the reality of what Jesus gave to me in that moment that He walked out of the tomb into new life. His sufficient, finished life now dwells in me. Though my mind has known what is written in the scriptures, realizing it has been a whole other matter.

God often allows the visuals of life around me to paint pictures that bring understanding to the deep things of the heart. It has happened once again for me as I’ve watched my teenage son.

Six weeks ago my son was fooling around and decided to hit the garage door head on with his fist. An emergency room visit confirmed what was suspected, he had broken his hand. A follow-up visit with the orthopedic surgeon brought the full diagnosis. Surgery was required to help adhere the bones back together as they were made to be.

For six weeks his active life would be virtually shut down. He would need to depend on another to carry his load. At first he struggled to let go. He had gotten used to his independence. He liked taking care of himself. But it wasn’t long before he finally succumbed. He realized he couldn't do it on his own.

It’s been an amazing thing to see. As I’ve watched my son, I’ve seen me.

I kinda liked being independent to tell you the truth. It was easy to rely on myself. I knew I could depend on me. On top of that I thought it was what was needful. You know, “work out your salvation with fear and trembling." I took those words as an indicator that I was supposed to work out life.

I prided myself in being able to figure things out. After all I was a gifted planner/administrator. I found myself carrying life's’ burdens with my own intellect, trying to reason it all out in my finite mind. That is until the bills piled up and the income didn’t.

The “what if’s” and “how to’s” began to invade my mind leaving me overwhelmed. Too many places needed too much, much more than I could decipher. My independence couldn't carry all this. With no other place to turn, I found myself needing God to come.

Most of my life I didn’t really get that part of the scripture where Jesus says, “take my yoke upon you and learn from me, my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” But now I'm beginning to get greater glimpses.

The yoke Jesus offered was a yoke of reliance. He invites me to depend on His Abba, just as He did. Though He had no place to lay His head, life did not overwhelm Him. He didn't try to figure it all out. He left that to God. Instead He lived in the moments knowing the cares of His world were under the care of One who created the heavens and the earth.

That same life He offers to me. I haven’t known that for the better part of my life. I’m starting to now.

Jesus’ yoke was easy, His burden light because He didn’t try to make life work. He didn’t allow the “what if’s” or “how to’s” to invade His mind. He trusted. He knew that all would be cared for. He knew God.

It is God who works out my life. Jesus knew that. He invites me to know it to. It's in that place that I will begin to experience the “be still and know Abba” kind of rest. The worries of this world will lose their power. Peace will come to the borders of my heart. For in this place, this remarkable place I find more deeply His life in me.

So where are you? Does your load feel heavy?

©copyrighted: 2010 Julie L. Todd


Wanda said... Reply to comment

Knowing scripture and it been revealed or made flesh in our lives are very different from one another. At times, my load does seem soooo heavy but those are the times when I've decided to bear the burden alone.

Karen said... Reply to comment

I know those "what if" and "how to" moments...

Love your phrase of "peace will come to the borders of my heart"...nothing like the peace of God....

Jo Princess Warrior said... Reply to comment

I love this. (no suprise there...I love all your stuff!) xo

Aine Willis said... Reply to comment

Yes, my load feels heavy. And, I needed this reminder ... I don't have to carry it. I can rest in Him. Thank you for this reminder. This was beautifully written. I hope your son heals quickly and with no complications.

Amy said... Reply to comment

What a beautiful description of what happens when we truly give the reigns to God and trust Him.

Letting go and letting God be in charge of my life has changed me forever. It's GLORIOUS!!

Love you!

Manda said... Reply to comment

Beautifully written...
A great reminder!

Connie Barris said... Reply to comment

Hey Julie.. I tried to send the blog code but couldn't.. it's on my little red hearts site though...

blessings my great friend

Crown of Beauty said... Reply to comment

I love what you said about the yoke of Jesus being a yoke of reliance.

That is so true. How often do we go through life we are the superheroes and the saviors, the problem solvers, so to speak.

This is a heavy responsibility to assume.

It is good to learn first hand that we were never designed to be self reliant!

This is another post written from the heart. Julie, I truly love your transparency. It helps many others relate with what you have gone through!


CAPTIVATING FI said... Reply to comment

My sister Jo (Princess Warrior) has been showing me your blog for a while and it has really ministered to me. You can hear the freedom in the way you write!
I love your heart!

Denise said... Reply to comment

your comment at sarah markley's blog has me in tears. can you come stand over me and force me to not get overwhelmed, selfish, or side tracked?
make me savor! i don't want to miss a moment.

thanks for your wisdom.

Connie Barris said... Reply to comment

you and I really aren't far off on our journey.. of course, YOu are probably going Yuk .. don't want her junk... haha..

but amen on the God carrying my burdens...

I love the part where Jesus walks out of the tomb and into MY life...

awesome stuff girlfriend

Sharon@KeenInspirations said... Reply to comment

"That same life He offers to me. I haven’t known that for the better part of my life. I’m starting to now."

This is right where I am!!! I have been too much of a "control" freak most of my life. He is showing me that I don't need to be.

Thank you for sharing what God puts on your heart. It has been something for my heart too!
See you Tuesday!