Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Journey Into Grace

It's hard to believe that it's been 2 years since I fully entered the world of blogging. This little website has opened up my world in ways I never dreamed possible.

I recently rented the movie, "Julie & Julia" and I absolutely loved it. There was something about Julie's journey that spoke to a deep place in my soul. I felt a kindred spirit with her in some crazy sort of way. She was lost in her world until one day she decided to venture into the world of blogging. With each post written something began to be unearthed inside her. She found her voice. She found a love for writing. She became a writer.

It was almost 7 years ago that I first heard Him call me away to the desert. "Jewel, I am alluring you into the desert where I will speak tenderly to you. I will take you door of sorrow and turn it into a door of hope. You will no longer call me Master, you will now call me, husband" Hosea 2:14-16

Little did I know that in that moment He was inviting me into my transformation. He has been removing the rubble of my life and restoring what has been lost to me. He's been unearthing ME.

He has held true to those words. No longer am I bound to the shackles of the law. I am now living as one who is loved. It's a far cry from where I started. I live to tell. It is why I write.

This little blog has opened up something inside of me. I have found a love for writing. I am becoming a writer. I am finding my voice. I wasn't expecting that. In fact I actually signed up for this blog by accident. Or at least I thought it was by accident.

The truth is, God knew I had many words inside me begging to get out. I was spiritually constipated. He was pouring so much into me, yet there was no place of release. Words piled up inside my head and then He invited me here. This place has become an oasis, where I get to release His heart inside me that has been aching to get out.

As of late I feel the winds of the Spirit stirring me to step in a little deeper. I believe He is asking me to tell my story. It is the account of my journey into grace. I will begin after Christmas. I'd love to have you travel back with me.

Thank you to all who have walked with me this far. You have held my hand, brushed away my tears, encouraged me forward and loved my heart. For this I am truly grateful!

Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, 21to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen. Eph. 3:20-21
©copyrighted: 2009 Julie L. Todd

*NOTE: Check back after Christmas for the beginning of my posts on my Journey into Grace.


Debbie said... Reply to comment

Julie, your words touch me so. I can identify with you even though I may in a different set of circumstances. I too am finding my voice and learning so much more about God's love and grace.

I think I need to follow your journey more closely. Thank you for opening your heart and trusting the Lord.

I've heard so many good things about that movie. I'm going to rent it, especially after reading your little review.

Sending you a blog hug,

Anonymous said... Reply to comment

I am among those happy to see you blogging. I know where you're coming from.

Sandy said... Reply to comment

Hi Julie, Congrats on 2 years. Amazing how blogging has become a part of our lives! Loved this post - and can you believe I have not seen the J&J movie yet? I'm hoping to this Christmas break, with my family.

Merry Christmas, Love, Sandy

tiggerdaisy said... Reply to comment

What a wonderful thought-provoking post! I, too, feel as though a story should be told on my blog. I love that we are "no longer bond to the shackles of the law." Hallelujah!

Prayers and blessings as you continue to walk in your destiny,

christy rose said... Reply to comment

I have not seen the movie Julie and Julia yet but I plan on it soon. I have heard great things about it from other bloggers too. I too have found something very valuable to me in finding the blogging world. God has opened up a new world to me and is teaching me so much about myself and Him through it. I am anxious to hear about your journey into grace.

LisaShaw said... Reply to comment

Julie, what a tender message. I appreciate your sharing.

I've enjoyed you this year every time I visited. I pray a beautiful CHRISTmas and New Year for you and your family.

Much love sister.

Karen said... Reply to comment

Congratulations on two years...I am so glad you heeded the call and started sharing your always bless me!

Amy said... Reply to comment


It's SO incredible to watch God unveil your heart for the world and to see you living out your destiny as a talented writer!

I am filled with joy as this "New Season" in your life is unfolding...And I can't wait to read the books that God will bring forth through your gift of writing.

There's nothing more exciting than to be living out what you were created to do!

Rejoicing with you!

Carmen said... Reply to comment

Congratulations on two years! It's amazing how quickly it passes. We watched Julie and Julia and really enjoyed it as well...especially since it was a true story. I like the way you related it to your own experience. Blogging really does open up a whole world to us. It's a wonderful blessing!!

Gretchen said... Reply to comment

Love that movie, and love, love, love that He ALWAYS has prosperous plans for us, if we will only be still and let Him be God. So gratifying to watch His plans unfold with folks who listen. Merry Christmas, friend. Thank you for your words.

Tamara said... Reply to comment

I haven't written to you before..but I read your writings faithfully and yes, I do believe that this was ordained by God..and that you are fulfilling a great need for many of us the beauty, honesty, humility and passion of your writings...every single post reaches out to me and inspires me, encourages me, uplifts me....and that is a great gift so I thank you ..and look forward to many more moments of looking into your thoughts and coming away from them a better person

Tamara in Missouri

Miss G said... Reply to comment

Julie, it is exciting to have your posts to look forward to. Thank you so much for sharing with us what God puts on your heart and yourself. May God's richest blessings be on you and yours this Christmas! Kelly

Terra said... Reply to comment

I look forward to reading your posts in January, as you move ahead in your blogging.
Bloggers are a warm and friendly community, I find.
My dh and I saw Julie and Julia last night, and were in awe of Meryl Streep's acting ability, she seemed to channel Julia :)
And blogging passionately certainly helped Julie find her role in life.

Anonymous said... Reply to comment

"I am finding my voice...The truth is, God knew I had many words inside me begging to get out. I was spiritually constipated... Words piled up inside my head and then He invited me here."

I LOVE this! You wrap words around stuff that I feel as a writer so amazingly.

mandy said... Reply to comment

Hey Julie. Thanks for stopping by my blog and offering such encouragement. :)

I'm reading Julie & Julia right now. I decided to read the book to get the full effect, instead of watching the two hour movie. So far, it's great!!

Baby Mama said... Reply to comment

Wow, I cant wait to hear more of your story! I am captivated already. What a beautiful scripture that is from Hosea!

I am so glad you visited my blog and invited me to yours!!!

Merry Christmas!

Laura said... Reply to comment

Merry Christmas, my sweet friend! Two years...hmm. I cannot believe it has been that long! You have been a light for me in this crazy world of blogging! Time seems to get more and more precious, and I don't get to "visit" as much as I used to. But know you are always in my thoughts and prayers. You will always be special to me, JewlZ!

May the new year bring special delights to you and yours!

Tea With Tiffany said... Reply to comment

Bless your journey, Jewel. I'm so proud of you. Write on. Live to tell. Share His love and allow His Spirit to blow your words wherever HE wants.

I love your heart.

Merry CHRISTmas!

Paula said... Reply to comment

I love how God whispers grace. I'm looking forward to your series, Julie. And thanks for dropping by GraceReign. I'm always so encouraged when you do.

Oh, and I really enjoyed Julie and Julia, too. So identified . . .

Aine Willis said... Reply to comment

I felt the same way when I watched Julie and Julia. I sat in the theatre thinking I was watching myself. My husband even commented that it reminded him of our house now that I am blogging.