Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Leading the Blind

      As He walked across the stage to sit down the picture painted a thousand words in my mind.  Scott McEntyre, a blind contestant on American Idol, had to be guided through every step.  He had no choice. It was his life.  

     What if we were like Scott?  What if we were that dependent?  Would life look different?  If you could not see one step in front of you, would you wait on someone to guide you or would you feel your way on your own?

     Jesus waited for His every step from the One who saw the big picture. He knew He was not to lean on His own understanding.  

      It’s a lost art in this day and age.  We are taught to figure things out, get it right, take care of ourselves.  Self-reliance is affirmed in the world around us.  Do we really have any clue what it means to be totally dependent on anyone? 

      My daughter is getting married.  The truth is we don’t have enough money to cover all the expenses.  We know God will provide.  We've already seen Him cover things in unexpected ways.  She’s happy to have what He has for her, but sometimes we both feel the pressure to figure it all out.

      She came to talk about the wedding cake.  It’s easy for her to bring the costs to her dad and I, after all we look like the ones who are supposed to have answers.  I could feel the tension mounting inside me to come up with a way to cover the expense, when Jesus spoke to me.  


      “Jewel, tell her to come to me with each detail of this wedding, first.”  “Tell her I have a cake picked out for her, one I will provide for.”  “Tell her to ask me to let her fall in love with the one I’ve chosen for her.”  “Tell her to give it to me to cover.”  “She’s looking to you and David.”  “You are not her resource, I am.”  “Teach her to depend on Me.” "Oh and by the way, you need to remember too."


      Jesus knows the path of trust.  He was not self-reliant  He didn’t have to come up with the answers.  He knew God had the answers to life around Him.  He knew the Father had His needs figured out and would cover them.  He didn't fret or struggle to make it all happen.  He waited to be covered.  He spoke what the Father told Him to speak.  He went where the Father told Him to go.  He said what the Father told Him to say.  Dependence was a way of life for Him.      

      Why do I not think life should be the same for me?

      He speaks to me again.  “Do not lean on your own understanding, Jewel.”  “In all your ways acknowledge Me.  “Look to Me in all things, big and small.  I will direct your path.  I never meant for you to lean on yourself.  I made you lean on Me."  "I've got your covered."

      He knows the path.  He knows the answers.  He has it all cared for. Whose understanding will I lean on?  Mine or His?  One will carry the burden, the other will relieve it.

      It’s pretty simple to understand, yet hard to live.  Jesus asks me to live what He lived.  Rely on the Father alone.  Don’t look to myself.  Don't try to figure it all out.  

      In those moments of blindness my need for dependence is great.  I cannot see.  I have no choice.  I must be led.  Need invites dependence. Dependence leads to life.   

      He's familiar with all my ways.  Every detail is cared for by the One who ordained my life. It's was the path of Jesus.  It's the path He wants for me.  Self-reliance will kill me, while dependence will bring me life.  Jesus knew this.  He chose the path of life.  It is there I will find Him.  It's where He walked.  It's where He now waits to walk with me.  

     Laying aside the world's entanglements I choose to stand in my blindness and wait. I know He is there. I feel His touch. I hear His voice.  Rest permeates my body as I lean into Him knowing; He’s been waiting for me.  He's got me covered.

        What about you?    Is your immediate response to turn to Him or to try to figure it out?  Is dependence more familiar to you or self-reliance?

      Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge (look to) Him and He will direct your paths.  Proverbs 3: 5 & 6


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©copyrighted: 2009  Julie L. Todd


Crown of Beauty said... Reply to comment

Hi Julie, another heartwarming post, and an eyeopener too. Is it Hannah who's getting married? I love the picture of her that you posted on the sidebar of your blog. She has a sweet spirit, as I can sense from the look on her eyes.

I always assumed a role of "Problem Solver" in our family. That was my label. In many ways, it still is... but I'm learning to let the title go.

Thanks for opening your heart once again.

Katie said... Reply to comment

It's so wonderful to meet other women whom God is teaching the same things! It's affirmation and confirmation and encouragement all in one. :-) If you want to see what God used to speak these same things to me, I posted about it here.

And thanks for stopping by my blog!

Amy said... Reply to comment


I knew your and my hearts were on the same page in many ways, but I had no idea how much until I read this. The Lord has been saying to me over and over during the past month or so: "I've got you covered." I was amazed when I read those are the exact words He's saying to you. WOW!

I can honestly say I believe that He's got me covered. When I blindly follow Him, it is more than AMAZING to see how He covers me. With Michael attending school full-time, with no job, and with me working for hundreds of dollars less than what we need each month - I am in complete AWE of how God not only comes through for us, but exceeds my expectations beyond anything I could ever imagine (Ephesians 3:20). It is a path I will NEVER turn away's where MIRACLES are seen.

Julie, I am so thankful that God allowed me to be in your class at The Vineyard Church and that He has tied our hearts together in many ways on this journey.

Love you,

Leti said... Reply to comment

You know Julie, last night I sat in a room full of women(our women's study) listening to all their trials (big and small) and at one point "I" was overwhelmed. One woman even said, "Don't you have some advise for her?" "I" was speechless. Self-reliance, wanted to figure it all out, desiring to make it all okay for those we love..

So this morning as I read these, God inspired, words you posted I simply had to smile and rest - it is God's, not mine. And He is able to do exceedingly, abundantly all we ask and pray - Glory Be to HIM!

Thank you for being used, once again to minister to so many.

Carmen Gamble said... Reply to comment

It's all about trust, isn't it? I like to take matters in my own hands because I don't trust that He will do it, or that He will do it my way or in my time. You would think relying on someone would be easy, and it should be--but somehow I manage to complicate that too. Excellent post and a great reminder. Thanks Julie!

Okay, time to put on the blinders. ;)

Miss G said... Reply to comment

Jewel, I cannot say that we did it perfectly but sooo many times throughout my wedding planning process last year I was reminded to give things to God and He worked things out SO wonderfully.

Also, a friend and I have commented that isn't it interesting how sometimes when you feel like you really need to talk to someone and you try calling several people only to get voicemail and then are reminded that God is always available and is wanting you to come to Him instead of going to all of these others first. :) He is loving. Kelly

Theresa said... Reply to comment

This is such a powerful post! Young or Old, Male or Female, we all need to remember that God does know our path.

I use to say that I could feel the Lord's hand on my back steadying me, making sure I didn't stumble. Then one day I realized that it isn't my place to lead, I am suppose to follow. That maybe if I spent more time on my knees, following instead of running ahead. That I may not need that hand on my back holding me upright, that my path would be easier.

Laura said... Reply to comment

You are such a good mommy, Julie. What a gift you give your daughter when you point her to HIm.

Thank you for coming to see me, even as I have neglected my bloggy friends these past couple weeks.

Things are calming down, but now the work begins. As an elder at the church, I'll be giving a lot more time until we find a new pastor.

Keep praying for us!

Love you, lady!

christy rose said... Reply to comment

I loved this devotional post.

"Need leads to dependence. Dependence leads to life." I so love it!

I stopped by your personal blog to meet the woman behind this revelation. And I am so intrigued. I have 5 children as well and my oldest son's name is Josiah. I will be back to hear what God is speaking to you again.

Thanks so much,

Christy Rose

Shanda said... Reply to comment

Learning this lesson myself as I live at home with my parents. Dependence... definitely not an easy thing. But as I read what you've been posting about lately, I've been trying to see if from God's perspective, and you know, it's really not all that bad. My dad has been instrumental in showing me these truths as well and they are confirmed as I read your words. Thanks so much for sharing your insight and your conversations with your Papa!

Annie said... Reply to comment

Julie - So so true. God's ways are higher than our ways (was He the one that said that? :) ) I find that more and more, the wiser I get. M y brain capacity extends only so far; His runs on a different tangent entirely. When I rely on His understanding first, and my own second ... it's amazing the solutions He finds. :)

Blessings with your daughter's wedding! I know it will be beautiful - especially if God is the wedding coordinator! :D

Anonymous said... Reply to comment

Hey Julie, thanks for stopping by my blog,! Your post sounds a lot like mine, about following God. We've been struggling with that lately because my husband is about to lose his job. God has been showing us a whole bunch of people who have already been through this and for whom He has provided, including your post. Thanks for the encouragement!

Btw, were you referring to the book, "Forever Runined for the Ordinary" in your sidebar? Another friend just recently mentioned it to me...interesting. :) Blessings! Jenny

Karen said... Reply to comment

Julie, you write such great truths from the Word about issues inside every believer. Mom is supposed to fix it all and have an answer for everything...and she does when she responds as you have written here.

Congratulations on the upcoming will be beautiful!

Tea With Tiffany said... Reply to comment

Self reliance and God dependence, a choice. I've tried both. One feels like freedom, but it isn't, it's bondage. The other sounds like bondage, but it leads to freedom and joy. God dependence and blind is the best way. I'm still learning.

Thank you for sharing truth through a conversation with God. I loved it as always.

I can't wait to hear more about this beautiful wedding!

Love you,


Bretta said... Reply to comment

Keep sharing the miracles God is doing for this wedding. He WILL make a way!

Thanks for encouraging us to lean on HIM :o)

BTW, here's CJ and Josh's story I was telling you about:

Gretchen said... Reply to comment

Love the imagery in this "blind" post, Jewel. Love your heart. Love the encouragement that no matter how much I rely on myself, when i'm ready to turn and face the Truth, He welcomes me with open arms. Beautiful, friend.

Kimberly said... Reply to comment

I am learning to be dependent on Him...learning that I am indeed blind.

I am so excited for your precious daughter. I will be praying for all of you as the Lord leads your forward into His perfect provision. I am so thankful He is worthy to be trusted!