Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Heart of a Mother

My Siblings and My Mother: I am in the middle:

I want to pay tribute to my mother. Fifty years ago God used her as His vessel to bring me into this world. She was His life-giver. But physical life was not all that she bore to me, spiritual life was breathed into me through her life's example.

There are some favorite pictures of God that my mother gave to me.

I remember the time when her best friend had died of cancer. Before her death she promised to her that she would make sure her boys were taken care of. The husband remarried a woman who had also lost her husband to death. Each had 3 children. When the new stepmom entered the scene she decided she didn't want the middle son living with them so they sent him off to military school. At 15 years old hurting and confused he ran away from military school. My mother found out and went to his father to ask if she could bring him home to live if she found him. He consented and thankfully she found him. He lived with us for 3 years, God stole His heart while living with us. He was loved well. My mother showed me what it looks like to go after the lost sheep. She modeled God's heart.

As a child we were often welcoming missionaries into our home to stay. It was fun to have people who had traveled to other countries telling us stories. I still remember Jesus Loves Me taught to me in a foreign language, I just can't remember if it was Korean or Chinese. My mother showed me God in the way she offered what she had in hospitality.

There came a tough time in her life later on. It was a time when she could have walked away and closed the door on a relationship. She had been hurt, painfully. She held her head up and chose forgiveness, knowing it was the way of God.
As I watched her forgive in a place that many refuse I was changed in the midst. From that point on in my life I knew that forgiveness was the way of God. My mother showed me His forgiveness displayed in beauty, compassion and love. The relationship was restored and people were changed in the midst.

My mother has often seen the hurting and reached out. God has poured into her a heart of mercy. She displays His mercy.

I have heard it said that the greatest act of submission for a woman is submitting your body to pregnancy and childbirth.
In it you are willing to lay aside that which brings you comfort to bear life for another. My mother surrendered her body 4 times to bring forth physical life. She has born spiritual life all along the way, not only in us her children, but in those who are in need of love.

Mom, I honor you this day. You taught me that the only way in life was with God. You have contributed much to who I am today. You have shown me God and for that I will forever be grateful. I rise up and call you blessed, Mom,

I love you,
Your Jewel

The accomplishment of my physical life has been the five blessings that I have been given. When I was a little girl I dreamed of being a mother. It was all I thought about. I was never into a career, I only wanted to have babies to love. God heard the cry of my heart and gave me 5 wonderful children. Each is embarking on a different journey of life this year. Each are my treasures. You see pictures of them on the right hand side of my blog as they look today. I wanted to stroll down memory lane a bit and show you some of my favorite memories of years gone by. The years have flown by. Some days I would love to go back to hug tighter, sit longer, rest and enjoy the moments. In the blink of an eye they are gone. I have always loved you my treasures.... and my love grows stronger with each day. I love you individually, not for what you do, but for who you are... my gifts of God, my glimpse of Him.






I love you, my treasures,

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mer said... Reply to comment

Julie...that was beautiful.

Beloved MaMa said... Reply to comment

what a wonderful tribute!!!

lori said... Reply to comment

JULIE...that was BEAUTIFUL!!!
Your mom has left you with a legacy comes through each and every word you write...she taught you to love the Lord....what a gift!!

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!! You are one amazing lady and mentor!!

Shari said... Reply to comment

It's great that you were able to learn about forgiveness from your mother's example - at such a young age. I didn't learn about it until last year - at 37. Happy Mother's Day and congratulations on mothering 5 children.

Bev Brandon said... Reply to comment

Julie, what a beautiful mother God gave you. What a joy that she lived out what she was created to do. And so are out His life in you and through you, building a family of your own who so honors HIM. You're a beautiful woman and it has been my privilege to meet you in blogland. My Love and Prayers for you on your special day, Bev

Denise said... Reply to comment

Thanks for touching my heart with this beautiful tribute.

Sam. said... Reply to comment

what a lovely tribute and I am quite sure that at least one of your five (!) would say such lovely things about you too!

By the way, yes as you guessed - I am in the UK - in Wiltshire about an hour to the west from London by train if that helps you picture where Wiltshire is!

Amy said... Reply to comment


What an amazing example your mother lived out for you! I know she is proud of the beautiful woman of God you are.

Thank you for sharing the pictures. Your children are truly blessed to have you as their mom.

Love you!

Sam. said... Reply to comment

Hi it's me again just had to say that Cuckfield is near Ardingly where my Nana and Grandad used to live! It is a beautiful part of the world and not so very far from London either! (for the shopping!)

Lelia Chealey said... Reply to comment

I loved this post. Especially about your mom & the lost sheep. What a woman of God who kept her word to her friend. Give your Mom a hug for me.

Laura said... Reply to comment

Now I know where you get your beautiful heart! You have been blessed with such a special heritage and the blessing continues to fall through your lineage! You are a wonderful example for the world of a godly mother.
Luv to you!

Pat said... Reply to comment

What a wonderful post. I loved all that you had to say about your Mom and all that you had to say about BEING a Mom. I think each Mothers Day gets better!! The older my kids get, the more they GET it. Of course, the same is true for me, I treasure my Mom more each day as well. We are all learning aren't we? Bless you!!


Becoming Me said... Reply to comment

That was so lovely Julie. Your mother is such a beautiful soul and how wonderful that she set such a holy example for you and your siblings. That love shines through your writing.

Gretchen said... Reply to comment

Julie, God speaks volumes through you. I feel privileged that I may read your words. Beautiful children. Beautiful mother. Beautiful God. Beautiful you.


amy said... Reply to comment

Julie, you have written a wonderful tribute to your mother. I know she is blessed to have a daughter like you. Thank you for sharing the pictures of your children. This is a beautiful post. Blessings to you.

kmom3 said... Reply to comment

What a beautiful tribute to your mom! I know that your children will be well able to write wonderful tributes to you as well, Julie. You are living a life totally sold-out for the Lord daily before their eyes. A life full of His love that you pour out on them!

Happy belated Mother's Day! I love seeing the pics of all of your cuties! We are presently very much in the dress-up stage around here!

Love you,

Carol said... Reply to comment

This was precious! What a legacy your mom has given you!

Fran said... Reply to comment

That was just beautiful!! What a wonderful woman your momma is! And, no doubt that you are becoming that very same person too.


Mom2Mom Ministry said... Reply to comment

Ok you have to email me and tell me who that woman (you sister) is in the family photo and where does she live because she looks EXACTLY like someone I go to Bible Study with who lives in the Clemson SC area. Please email and let me is that's her!!!