Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Papa gave me a gift

Papa, gave me a gift today.  He allowed me to have an article in The Heart of the Matter online magazine for home schoolers.

Here is an exerpt from the article:

After spending time asking God what He wanted for her life, our oldest daughter came  and told us that she believed God wanted her to go to public high school.  She felt God was asking her to be a light in the darkness with her peers.  It was her petition that caused us to seek God’s heart regarding this request.  We had never considered anything but home school, so it was a challenge.  After several months in prayer  God came to us with release and peace.  She entered public  school in 10th grade and did beautifully.

      God often speaks to me through pictures, much like Jesus did with the parables.  He sears them in my mind, with a message of truth attached.  On one such occasion He used a picture with Hannah.  

      Hunched over from the weight of her backpack Hannah slowly walked up the driveway.  Upon entering the door she remarked at how heavy her backpack was, hurting her shoulders.  She asked me to  pick it up and feel how heavy it was, so I did.  I could barely lift it.  It was overflowing with every book she owned for school.  Did she really have that much homework?  No, she didn’t need all the books, in fact, most of them she didn’t need.  She hadn’t wanted to go to  her locker so she brought them home.  Had she made a quick trip to her locker her load would have been lighter.  She had carried more than she needed.

      In an instant God began to speak to me.  “Your days are like that backpack”.  “You have things in them that you don’t need, things I have not given to you.”  “Come to me with an empty backpack and let me fill it up with what you need each day.”  “When I leave it empty, you must leave it empty.”  “Those are the days I have given you to rest.”  “My grace is sufficient for the day.”  “If the grace is not sufficient, then I am not the one who has altered your load, you are.”  As usual when God speaks to me like that I am blown away.  

      A few months down the road God began to give me more pieces to add to the “backpack” picture................

To read the rest of the article, click on the link below, and look for the article titled "An Empty Backpack".

©copyrighted 2008 by Julie L. Todd


Amy said... Reply to comment

What a great article! Congrats!

Everyday Mommy said... Reply to comment

Hi Julie...thanks for stopping by my blog today. Rock chalk!

Laura said... Reply to comment

Hello, my friend! Thank you for "running" with me! I am struggling a bit with this topic, but felt led to write about it. I am so excited for you in this article! I read the entire thing and think it makes really important points. I struggle with confidence in many areas, including parenting. I need to release these worries to my Father and trust that He is leading me where we need to be!
Love to you!

Marsha said... Reply to comment

Thanks for this reminder. I'm a chronic over packer, whether packing for a trip or over planning and not allowing God's grace to be sufficient. Thank you for the reminder to allow Him to be the one to fill my backpack.

Shanda said... Reply to comment

This spoke volumes to me. I'm having trouble finding the whole article though. I would really like to read it. I even tried searching the Heart of the Matter Online site, but came up "empty"... any ideas?

Amy said... Reply to comment

God is SO good, isn't He? It's exciting to see the Lord honor you by giving you the desires of your heart.

Thank you for your wisdom and friendship!


Sue Cramer said... Reply to comment

How cool that your daughter wants to be a light!! Awesome.


Irritable Mother said... Reply to comment

That was a great article, Julie. What a wonderful picture God gave you.
Oh, to think how many times I hae carried unnecessary items in my backpack!!!

Connie@Little Red Hearts From God said... Reply to comment

I just love you...

and your heart for God...

You always speak right from the very center of where HE lives...

congrats on your wonderful article...

blessings my friend

kmom3 said... Reply to comment

What a great article, Julie!
I know I shove WAY too much in my backpack! Thanks for this image!

I don't homeschool, but I am still always concerned about how I am doing as a mom. I need to stop looking at those around me, relax, and let God guide me as a mom. He is worthy to be trusted in EVERY area of my life!

Blessings, friend!

lori said... Reply to comment

YES ma'am Clemson fans!! You betcha!
Both Scott and I graduated much longer ago than we realize...1990! wow!

It's heaven on earth for him...
I think I left you a comment on the cafe about this post...I LOVED the analogy...the backpack..
I think I came over just to read it again tonight! It's really been a blessing....even more the second time!
and Happy Sunday!

Amy said... Reply to comment

You've been tagged to reveal 7 random things about yourself. If you have time and want to participate, visit my blog for details!

lori said... Reply to comment

Hey girl....you are in Ellijay, we are down the road in Acworth...we get up there occasionally...for the Apple Festival!! I can't believe your sis lives in Central...We LOVE it there...so nice, but YOU live in Ellijay...that is equally as quaint!

We have been here for about 11 years and met at Clemson!!

On a completely different WE were the ones who were blessed to have you at Heart of the Matter...I told Amy B about you awhile back...not realizing that she was already talking TO you...I told her I'd discovered your blog and you had such wisdom...and a way with words...she said..yeah, she is going to do some writing for us!! See you are "WELL known" out there!!

Are you by any chance doing the HOTM devotional study on Todd Wilson's book? I'm heading that up over there and it would be great to see you there....you have probably already read it...
The backpack article was one of the best ones in the April Issue...I'm over there too...."Raise Your Hands"...that's me!!

ya'll have a great afternoon!