Thursday, March 6, 2008

Whose eyes are you looking through?

Whose Eyes are you looking through?

If you could describe yourself in 5 words what would those words be? Who do you see yourself to be? When you consider what God thinks about you, what do you think He would say? Do you think He sees you based on what you do or who you are?

How do you see yourself before Him? Do you think He looks at what you have done or not done? 

What labels do you place on yourself? What have the messages of your life's path told you of who you are? Do you see yourself through what has happened to you, or what you have done? Once Mary Magdelene was invited into Christ's life did she continue to tell herself that she was a prostitute or did she finally see herself through the eyes of Christ? I think when Jesus said to her, "Go and sin no more" He was saying, "that's not who you are, don't go back to that place."

Your past does not define you. It is removed completely. God no longer remembers it. He no longer sees you in your sin. He sees you restored unto Him. He sees Jesus. After all He has told us that we are a new creation, the old is gone the new has come. It's as if you were reborn into who you were always meant to be. Do you see that?

I love the story of Gideon. It's a perfect picture of how we respond to God. Gideon is hiding in the winepress. The Israelites are being attacked and he is hiding out hoping no one will find him. An angel appears to him and says. "Gideon, O Valiant Warrior". He then proceeds to tell Gideon that he will be used to deliver the Israelites. He is God's Valiant Warrior. I hear in Gideon's response that he thinks the angel must be talking about someone else.

Gideon's response is much like our own when God calls us out, "but I am the least in my family and my clan is the weakest clan". He is basically saying, "I'm not who you think I am." Gideon sees himself in his weakness, his flesh, his past, his heritage. The angel sees him in his true identity, who he was created to be.

How do you see yourself? Do you see yourself in your weakness or in the strength of who you were created to be?

God does not see us the way we see ourselves. He sees us cloaked with Christ, completed in Him. When God looks at us He sees us in our restored state, who we were always meant to be.

We are the ones who have the vision problem.

What you do or have done does not define who you are. Your identity is bestowed by God and God alone. It's not given based on what you do. Your identity comes from who God always meant you to be. He has known of you for a long time. No man or woman can take your identity or give it. It was ordained by God, Himself. You are who He says you are. 

God saw Gideon as his Valiant Warrior when Gideon could not see it for Himself.

God sees you and has a name He calls you. It is the truest you.

He does not want you for what you can do for Him. He wants you for who you are. He formed you to love you, just as you are until you could embrace who He made you to be.

Your birth was His invitation to be loved completely.

Ask God what name He would give to you. Ask Him how He sees you. He longs to tell you what He thinks of you.

Embrace what He says as the truest you.

After all, He knows you by name!

I will also give him a white stone with a new name written on it, known only to him who receives it. Rev. 2:17b

His Jewel

©copyrighted 2008 by Julie L. Todd


Lelia Chealey said... Reply to comment

I need to remember what you wrote here: Your past does not define you.

AMEN sister!!!

I thought I had read this before & commented on it, but maybe your comments weren't able to move with you?

Tiffany Stuart said... Reply to comment

Great thoughts to ponder. And yes, I argue with God about what I am not.

He keeps reminding me of who I really am. His.